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Welcome to everyone that is viewing this site. I am sorry for the lack of updates to this section of my site. I have been working on various projects and have been unable to update things anywhere near as much as I would like.
I am working on a new site that will be dedicated to the Transformer's entirely. It is located over at Freeservers and I will include the address at the end of this update.
When this site is fully up and running you will find it will contain a Chronolgy section. This section is dedicated to chronogilizing the histories and stories of the Transformers Universe. I am also going to include all the Japanesse stories to follow after our own series ended and blend it into our own. I have thought of a very smooth way of doing this without much modification to either continities.
However, I am still working on the details for incorporating the Beast Wars II and Beast Wars Neo story lines into the Chronology. Be patient as all this will take a lot of time.
I will also be writting my own stories to explain various origins and other fates. I will stay to the stories already written and not try to discount any of the offical stories at all.
I was always curious what happened to the other pods that crashed onto Prehistoric Earth.
What did happen to them? And are the Beast Wars truly over on Earth?
I intend to explore and reveal these things.
Also I plan on writting a vastly epic story for the Transformer's. It will involve the return of the Autobot's greatest threat more powerful than you have ever seen before.
This threat will may spell certain doom not for just one Transformer's reality but the entire divergences as well.
Only a special grouping of Transformers both recent and legend will be able to stop this new threat and preserve the Transformers existance.
But after its over do not expect the Transformers to be quite the same again.
O' did I mention a new hero will emerge from this conflict?
And a new vilian?
Just keep watching and you will see.
The new site address is located at:
A little bit is set up there now, and more is on the way. Until then, keep checking back to this site and page and I will update this page when the new site is up and running.

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!
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