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Orbit Codes
Code - What you get
golden-brain - BrainStrain Mojo
golden-showdown - ScienceFair Mandark
golden-tattoons - Tattoon Courage
golden-hyper - Hyper PowerPuff Girls
golden-nametoon - Name That Weasel
golden-sister - Attack Of Dexter's family
golden-shock - Sticker Shock Johnny
brucewayne - Basic Batman
gotham - Flying Batman
ppgtme - pj powerpuffs, and pj mojesha
ricepuff - PowerPuff Puffs
coconut - Mike Lu & Og Cereal
aku - Path Of Destiny Jack
future - Leaping Jack
crunchy - Cow And Chicken Puffs
rescue - Safari Dexter
airplane - Sitting Bubbles
udder - Right On, Supercow! and Thinkin' Chicken
bubbles-kelloggs - Bam! Bubbles!
cerealblossom - Bam! Blossom!
eetnern-buttercup - Bam! Buttercup!
marshmallow - Courage the Cereal
technology - Safari Robot
repal22 - 50 Points
puffed - IAm Weasel Wheats
mobot - Mojo's Metal Minion
comlink - Toonflash Trunks
signal - ToonflashPowerpuffs
catalog - Toonflash Scooby
presspass - Toonflash Cow
flakes - Johnny Bravo Flakes
electron- Magnified Atom Ant
watchtower - Justice LeaguecRing
spooky - Sniffin' Scooby
cyber chase- Video Game Scooby
colormar - Dexter's Lab Cereal
hibernation - Hungry Yogi
knock knock - 25 Points
Office - Hostin' Mayor, Must see Dee Dee
mask - El Toro
Dracula - Stage Fright Scooby Sticker
Group - PPG Sticker
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