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Welcome to The Last Defense. Here you'll find the best mods, some excellent scenarios, lots of classic posts from Big Time Software's Combat Mission forum, and links to other Combat Mission pages. Enjoy yourself, grab a few mods, play a new scenario, and be sure to read the best of the Combat Mission forum.


11/30 Five unique mods today! Somebody needs to get the coffee away from Tanks a Lot, because he's been working overtime. Tank's newest creations are a good rocky rough, summer and winter stone walls, a summer version of his last church mod, and a water and ford combination for all those $20 boats. Bfamily has been busy as well. His newest creation is a King Kitty in a brown, tan, and green camo, either ambush or plain. Some bad news- A lot of people have been unable to download several mods. I'm not sure why, but I'm going to have to move The Last Defense to a different server in order to get them working again. If you get an error when you try to download, or if the download stops halfway, I know about this problem and am working on it. If you know of free website hosting with at least 50 meg accounts, please tell me about it.

11/14 Almost a month has gone by since the last update. I ended up asking people to hassle me into doing an update, since I wasn't motivating myself very well. After three hours I can see why. I had to add a new account in order to make room for the newest batch of mods. What mods, you ask? There's two big mod packs. The first one is Tanks a Lot's large winter buildings. They sure do look good, especally since there still isn't any snow here in Colorado. The second pack contains Bfamily33's Normandy Tigers. There's three unique versions, all with options for zimmerit, different roadwheels, turrets, power steering, leather seats and an 8 track.
   At last, the Posts section has a new thread. Explore the physics of high res mods, and whether they're a benefit to PBEMing. Also, Paul Stuhlfaut sent in a picture in which a 17lbr managed to kill a good portion of his army.
    No new entries in the guestbook? Am I that unpopular?

10/17 What happens when you put off an update for a week? It all works out to be one heck of a big update when everything's finally posted! This time there's a grand total of five files for you to download. Bfamily33 has two Tiger Is, in both red/brown/beige and khaki/olive. Not to be outdone, Tanks a Lot also has two mods, a concrete bunker and a starry night sky. Both are avalible in summer and winter versions. New to The Last Defense, Bilbo has a Home Town Scenario from Arromanches, France.





 Mods from Juju, Trent Yoxall, Andrew Miszyn, Bfamily33, Jonas Comba, Richard Bodle, David Freed, Lordfluffers, Sgt. Schulz, 109 Gustav, Gunnergoz, Olle Petersson, Mark Gallear, Tanks a Lot, Klink, and Jake. For mods by Tiger and many other authors, go to Combat Missions.

User created scenarios made by John Adams, Mark Cochran, Citizen, Richard Bodle, Gonzo, Suicides-by-Steve, Franko, Michael Dorosh, Anthony Cooper, Rune, Blake Stone, and 109 Gustav.





Must read threads and posts from Big Time Software's Combat Mission forum. Links to all the classic threads are here, from vanishing yachts to WHOOSHing Shermans.

 Free image hosting here! Send in any Combat Mission related pictures, and I'll put them here. Link pictures to the CM forum, brag about your Panther's total kills, or show off your brilliant attack strategy.





 Comrades from across the web. Combat Missions, Der Kessel, CMHQ, MoJo's Combat Mission site, and lots more.

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