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X Dark Troopers X


Brought To You By Dark Valhalla

This website is dedicated to the Mighty Fighting 501st.

I believe a brief history should be noted, as many have wondered what the "Dark Troopers" are. We are a small band of the 501st. Little is known about us, and that's the way we like it. Usually found in the least likely of places. Whether in uniform or not, we are to be feared. We generally are considered as the "Rats" of the fleet. Snooping around local taverns, occasionally interrogating in some unorthodox ways. We are the informants to the elite of the 501st.

True, we were at one time part of the Alliance, but those days are forgotten.

We've joined the winning team and are proud to say, we live to die for the 501st.

Stationed here in Kenai, Alaska, we preserve the Northern-most borders of the Western Garrison.

Thank you for your continued support.


Outpost Update

If you wish to write the creator of this site, please do so in the 501st yahoo group.
c/o Dark Valhalla
TS0904 & TS0725
or Dark Trooper

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