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History of the Dark Troopers

The Dark Troopers are a small band of Troopers of every discipline. We control the North-Western borders of Alaska. Many Rebels have tried to pass through our bordertowns, making their way into Anchorage, but alas, our patrols have always found them out. Leaving nothing to chance, we even have a small outpost in Kenai, Alaska. Most maps don't even recognize it, it is however a 2.5 hr drive South from Anchorage. It is along the primary road from Homer, AK to anywhere North. The road, Sterling Highway, is notorious as it is also the direct path to and from Anchorage and Canada.

Don't confuse us with our neighboring friends in the Canadian Garrison, as they may have their SnowTroopers, AT-AT pilots, TIE pilots, and of course their Canandian Royal Mounted TB's, but what we have is a vast network of many citizens on standby ready for Lord Vader's beckon call.

We are considered the rats of the Galaxy. Our methods of incarceration, interrogation, and elimination may not be what the Rebels would call part of the Geneva Act, but we get the job done.

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