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I was a member of the 2002, 2005, 2006, Serum Run Expeditions, and will be on the 2007 Serum Run.

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2002 Serum Run:  Feb 23, 2002 - March 17, 2002

2003 Serum Run:   Canceled Lack of Snow and Poor Trail Conditions as of Jan 31, 2003

2005 Serum Run: Feb 20, 2005 - March 10, 2005


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Serum Run 25 Organization Web Site Col. Norman Vaughan

The Event

Sponsoring the Serum Run Organization


Sponsor Kent


Kent's 2002 Serum Run Gear Page   
1925 Mushers & Story   Kent's 2005 Serum Run Gear Page
Maps/GPS  Data and Trail Description

Click Here for Snapshots from the 2002 Run


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Most Photos on this page where taken by Martha Ethridge during the 2002 Run

Click on photos to see larger view (use the back button to return)

My 2002 musher,  David Talbert, and his team, and I had a wonderful trip, and are now safely at home!   Both of us plan  to do the  run again!

KentnDave.JPG (34162 bytes)

Dave & Kent on the way to Nome


Col. Vaughan was unable to travel the trial this year, however he was in Nenana to start us off and met us outside of Nome for the trip into Nome.  It is an Honor to simply be a part of his Expedition.  

Many thanks to the people and villages along the trail!  Without them the expedition would not have been possible!  Special thanks to Paul Johnson and Bobby Napayonak in Unalakleet for fixing my machine!!

Many great friendships where formed, and I'm looking forward to future adventures with my Serum Run friends.

Thank you Col. Vaughan for allowing me to be a part of the Serum Run Team. I hope we made you proud!  I'm Looking forward to being apart of future Serum Runs!


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Visit the Serum Run 25 Web site for trail reports and Serum Run Information by clicking this link

 Col. Norman Vaughan's Serum Run 25 Web Site 

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Col Vaughan & Trail Boss Wayne Oxford outside of Nome

About Col. Norman Vaughan 

The Serum Run 25 Organization is seeking sponsors!  

Sponsor The expedition

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Offical Serum Run 25 Patch




Serum Run 25 Event & Organization
The Event The Serum Run 25 is a 20 day dog team/snow machine journey from Nenana to Nome, a distance of 776 miles. The first commemorative race was run in 1997.  

In 1925 this trail was traveled by a relay team of 20 mushers carrying life saving diphtheria serum for the people of Nome.

[Serum Run 25 Home Page]

Mission The mission of  this annual trip is twofold. First, it is to commemorate the twenty men and their dog teams who relayed crucial diphtheria serum to Nome, saving countless lives. Second, and more importantly, it is to widen the awareness throughout Alaska of the need for inoculations for every single child and to stress important health issues. (immunizations, medical exams & cancer screening, tobacco cessation, accident prevention, HIV awareness, drug and alcohol abstinence)

At each school, in each village, the story of the original serum run will be told and questions will be answered. More importantly, there will also be discussions with children and their parents regarding the need not only to be inoculated, but to also practice good health.

It is important to remember this story and keep it alive through our annual 1925 Serum Run to Nome. It is important to honor the men and dogs who virtually saved the life of Nome. It is even more important to honor our children by educating them about their health.

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The Serum Run is an annual event made possible by caring and dedicated sponsors from all over Alaska as well as national companies. These companies desire to support Col. Vaughan’s efforts to teach children and parents about the importance of wellness and about different cultures working together for common goals.

Click Here for Information on sponsoring the Serum Run Organization.

Sponsoring the Serum Run 25 Organization


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Sponsor Kent                             
The  Serum Run 25 Organization funds most of the logistical needs of the expedition, such as the shipment of drop bags, straw, and shipping dogs, sleds and machines back to Anchorage.  As it becomes more difficult to find financial support, the amount expedition members are required to pay has increased.  Besides the fee, expedition members will spend several thousand dollars to outfit themselves for the trip, plus few nights lodging, and training or buying & maintaining their  modes of transportation.  (Plus time away from work, and the expense of getting themselves back from Nome.)  As such expedition members gladly accept contributions of varies type in their efforts to participate.  (And I'm no exception.)  Monetary support is always a welcome form of support, however equipment, food, chocolate covered espresso beans, or discounts on goods or services are  also welcome!   

I would gratefully welcome most any appropriate support, weather it be equipment, monetary, or useful or fun items to pass out to children and villagers along the trail.  

To sponsor or Contribute Click Here to e-mail Me

My Role as a member of the Expedition
In 2002 I did the trip as a  snowmobiler in support of a dog team.  David Talbert was my assigned musher.   I spent many days breaking trail on the 2002 trip, which was a fun challenge at times.  I also support Dave by hauling his gear and extra supplies, then finding where he could park his dogs, and his body.  

Each musher carries a days supply of food and equipment, while the snowmobiler will carry an additional 3 days supply, extra gear, and provide trail support.  The snowmobiles break and mark the trail ahead of the mushers, and sweep the trail clearing up any markers, gear, or people that may remain.  For the most part  overnight at the villages along the trail, however there are a few nights of wilderness camping along the way.  

In 2005 I will again be on the trail as a snowmobiler, and as the "Trail Boss".  Which means I will be the project manager, if you will, and the trail supervisor, for the expedition.  The responsibility is shared with the "Musher Boss", Erin McLarnon, who I am sure will make my job as Trail Boss much easier.  Pre -trip logistics, plans & schedule for the trail, helping participant's with preparations, and getting everybody safely to Nome are some of the duties of the Trail and Musher Bosses.  

In 2006 I was again the Trail Boss with Scott Chesney as the Musher Coordinator.  The trip offered up some challenging trail and weather conditions, more so than on my previous two trips.  

In 2007 I am once again the "Trail Boss" with Erin McLarnon back in the saddle as Musher Coordinator.

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