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Elven Portraits

I've decide to re-organise my portrait pages. This page is for Elven portraits.

Thanks to all the folks who permitted me to draw them.

The numbers refer to the number of drawings I've done since I started drawing.

Here are links to three friends, who's art inspires me. I love them dearly. Please visit them. Linda Gock from Australia, Katja Alakotila from Finland and Anika Kerstin Stunpf from Germany.

Skip Here's how to get to my Elfwood page. You can leave comments there, Please.

The fantasy page. Fantasy

  • Jonelle #13
Jonelle introduced me
to the Elven community.
Thank you my friend.
  • Erin #15
Needs work on her eyes.
I'll just have to do another drawing.
  • Sarah #27
My ideas on Eleves is
starting to develope.
Hopefully it's an improvement.
  • Safia #29
Music needs to be a part
of an Elven community.
She's a good example.

  • Colleen #31
Another Elven musician.
One of my favorites.
  • Jennifer #32
Wonderful voice.
Always a smile.
  • Portia #33
Looks like royalty to me.
  • Britt #34
Don't know whether she's Elven
, Silkie or something else.

  • Molly #38
A mystery.
Met her long enough to do a
drawing an then she was gone.
  • Max #41
Musician extrodinare.
  • Keri #42
A good waltz partner..
  • Erika #47
Love the tatoos.

This Elven Lady lives in Australia
Love her artwork.
  • Alex #51
Alex is a warrior.
Just because you don't see the sword
doesn't mean it's not there.
  • Emily #53
Art trade.
I did Emil's portrait.
She did mine.
  • Jessica #54
Another Elve that entered my
life and disappeared?

  • Liz #55
A young dancing Elve.
  • Lauren #56
A bit of a Mona Lisa smile.
I'm getting better at eyes.
  • Cathy #57
A spirit of song, dance,
laughter and love.
  • Sam #58
I think she's really a Leprechaun.
Not sure if this is what
one looks like but
she has the spirit.

  • Katja #59
Katja told me she didn't like
the photo I took this from.
I don't know what anybody else thinks
but I think she's gorgeous.