Mary Reilly

Name: Mary Reilly

Appearance: Mary Reilly stands about 5'6" tall, with long straight light brown hair, that has a bit of a strawberry hue, and brown eyes. Mary is quite beautiful with her round face, round nose, and beautifully shaped lips, but she tends to keep her appearance plain, as she is merely a servant. Her complextion is pale, and often blends in with her hair. Usually seen wearing her servants clothing, but other times she dresses plainly as she is poor and cannot afford to dress extravangantly.

Skills: Mary is an Irish chamber maid to Dr. Harry Jekyll, and tends to her duties in his household with the other servants. Her other duties consist of running erands when the master asks her too.
Personality: Mary is quite sweet and kind, but mostly tends to keep to herself. The only person she has really opened up to is her employer Dr. Jekyll. It is evident that she loves him, and would do anything for him. As for his assistant Mr. Hyde, she is intrigued, afraid of, and perhaps attracted him. She seems to be able to still the rage in him.

Past: Mary was raised with her hard working mother and alcoholic father. Her father often beat her in his drunken rage, and at one point locked her in a small closet with a rat. Her mother finding her damaged and unconscious, took her away. She enrolled her daughter to become a servant, so she could earn a living. Mary came to Dr. Jekyll home, and believes this is the best home she has ever tended to, for the master is very kind to her.

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