Mary Reilly RPG character listing

Mary Reilly

Mary Reilly - a maidservant in the household of Dr. Henry Jekyll, she finds herself intrigued by two men, her cryptic employer, and his strange assistant, Edward Hyde. (Sara)
Dr. Jekyll - a renowned scientist, doctor, and scholar, he struggles to unearth the secrets of the human psyche - and discovers a part of himself he never knew existed. (Amanda)
Mr. Hyde - a man of secrets and shadows, he is Henry Jekyll's dark side, his fantasy, and his worst nightmare. (Amanda)

Annie Owens - a long-time servant in the Jekyll household, she is aware of the strange undercurrents of her mysterious employer, but is afraid to learn what he is really about. (Amanda)
Abigail Rose Price - an intelligent young scholar and doctor, Abigail contacts Dr. Jekyll in an effort to discover the secrets to her father's mysterious death. (Michelle)
Selene Rimbauer - half-sister to Abigail Price, she is seeking to contact Abigail, the only family remaining to her. Selene possesses an uncanny ability to see the past, present and future.  
Delila Delarose - Dr. Jekyll's long-lost niece, she comes to the doctor after the death of her mother, only to find herself haunted by a strange and magnetizing man named Everek. (Adrienne)
Cordelia Fairbanks - an inquisitive young woman fascinated by Dr. Jekyll's research - and by the man himself, as she realizes she is falling hopelessly in love with him. (Michelle)
Margaret Loft - personal maid to Cordelia, Margaret serves as a friend and confidante, and observes her spirited mistress falling in love with a mysterious and complicated man. (Amanda/NPC)
Robert Bradshaw - a kind, easy-going manservant in Dr. Jekyll's household, Bradshaw has a penchant for fun and practical jokes.

Dark Shadows

Barnabas Collins - a vampire centuries old, he finds himself ensnared in a marriage with his worst enemy, the witch who imbued him with his fatal curse. (Sara)
Christoph Collins - a troublemaker recently returned to his roots, Christoph is a relative of Barnabas with a few dark secrets of his own. (Sara)
Mara Cambridge - lives in the village of Collinsport near the great house of Collinwood. She secretly loves Christoph Collins. (Amanda)
Victoria Winters - the sprightly and innocent governess of David Collins, she finds herself in a house of secrets and shadows, a place which threatens her life, and her very soul. (Michelle)
Katharine Mordaine - once the wealthy daughter in a prestigious family, Katharine has fallen to a life of terror and night shadows - as she exists in her vampire form, she is tormented with the guilts and sorrows of a human soul. (Adrienne)
Ghost of Sarah Collins - she was once a victim of Angelique's cruelty, and she continues in death to protect her beloved brother from the evil witch. (Amanda)
Ghost of Josette du Pres - a mournful wraith that haunts Widow's Hill, eternally searching for her lost love, Barnabas. (Michelle)
Roger Collins - heir to the Collins fortune, he stands in the shadow of his sister Elizabeth, who controls the great mansion.
Quentin Collins - English sea captain returned home after many years, he finds his boyhood home enshrouded in secrets, and loses his heart to a mysterious woman enthralled by a vampire's curse.
Angelique Bouchard - through an unholy bargain she secures a marriage with Barnabas Collins, the only man she ever loved who, due to her jealous curse, reigns as a creature of darkness. (Amanda)
Willie Loomis - a rather unscrupulous drifter who attempts to steal the family jewels from the Collins mausoleum; though awaiting him in the coffin are not gemstones, but a living curse which will cost him his freedom and threaten his very life.

The Vampire Hunters

Caleb Lamont - the son of a minister, Caleb was brought up to become a religious man. When he witnesses the destructive power of vampires, he feels a call to save the innocent, a call he cannot ignore. (Michelle)
Thomas Gaines - though he belongs to the group of vampire hunters that has recently arrived in London, Thomas has a hidden agenda, and an unholy yearning to experience the power of a vampire's immortality.
Giselle Marie de Lacey - a French immigrant in New York City, Giselle was a renowned stage actress until her lover, Phillipe la Croix, was murdered by vampires. She has joined a gathering of vampire hunter to defeat the evil forces overshadowing London. (Amanda)
Sarah Elizabeth Kircher - though she has the appearance and demeanor of a modest young girl, Sarah has the heart of a true hunter, and with her bravery and strength intends to eradicate the evil forces of darkness which haunt the London streets.
Dr. Kael Shaw - an knowledgeable scholar, Kael is an expert in the field of vampire lore. His information is of use to Abigail Price, a young woman who draws him with her uncanny resemblance to his late wife. (Adrienne)

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