Name: Mara Cambridge

Age: 20

Appearance: She has dark-brown hair and slate-blue eyes. She is unusually pale and is tall and slender. Her beautiful appearance attracts the notice of many young men in the village.

History: She lives in the town of Collinsport, born to a sea captain and his wife. She is unknowingly loved by Rev. Trask. Despite her humble beginnings, Mara aspires to an education and hopes one day to attend a university, even though she is a woman.

When Mara meets Christoph Collins, everything changes for her. She knows that she must be with him, even though he is so much further above her in class. Despite the warnings of other people to stay away from those of Collinwood, Mara becomes determined to be with Christoph, whatever the cost to her. Though as everyone knows, those who come from Collinwood are cursed and can bring evil to those they love.


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