Katharine Mordaine

Name: Katharine Mordaine, or sometimes known as Kat.

Appearance: Kat stands about 5'6" tall with long strawberry blond hair, light green eyes, and very pale complextion. She has beautiful full lips and a very elegant high class appearance. She comes across as quite innocent and naive to most, but is a devil and vixen underneath. Kat, aware that men desire her for her beauty, she put it to good use and used her beauty to lure men; often times to their graves.

Race: Vampire.

Personality: Kat was born into the wealthy Mordaine family. Always rebellious, she is known as the "black sheep" of the family. She was always constantly late for family functions and often times escaped in the dead of night to attend parties and seduce men in the corridors. Her parents tried to tie her down, but for Kat that was almost impossible; she longed for a much more enticing life than what her family had to offer her. Also a very intelligent and intellectual lady, Kat often enjoyed her leisure time, which was the only time she behaved. Although, reading tales and legends of vampires was never thought to be proper knowledge for a lady in her position.

Kat was always interested in knowing more about the superstitions of vampires and demons of the night. Often hearing tales of a vampire named Everek, Kat became eager. Her fascination drove her to see for herself who infact this man really was. Katarina escaped one night and found the legend of Everek to be true. He lured her to his web. Kat was enticed by him, and allowed herself to become a vampire so she could remain with him for eternity. But he was burned at the stake for a belief that he was the devil himself, and thus did this to save Katharine from the same peril.

Soon her thirst for blood increased with every setting sun. Luring mortals to their graves, they became her prey and nourishment.

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