Edward Hyde

"I am your master. I am the bandit. He is merely the cave in which I shelter."

Name: Edward Hyde

Appearance: Edward Hyde stands 6'2" tall, which is exactly the same height as Henry Jekyll. Hyde often walks crouched down though, and therefore might appear to be somewhat shorter. He has long, rich, dark hair that hangs loosely around his shoulders and often in his face. His eyes are very dark and penetrating. When angry, Hyde's eyes burn with an inner fire, and at times they seem to stare deep into a person's soul. Of course, it is evident that Mr. Hyde resembles Dr. Jekyll in appearance, as they are both one in the same person, but Hyde seems to be a younger version. Hyde also seems to be more powerfully built than Dr. Jekyll, and has a larger amount of body hair. His voice is very deep and slightly raspy; and when enraged, Hyde tends to growl or snarl like a wild animal. He dresses in simple clothes of good quality, preferring to wear dark or black colors.

Skills: It is told by Dr. Jekyll that Mr. Hyde is his assistant. Hyde has great strength, and a very bad temper - which can be a dangerous combination. Hyde has heightened senses and can see fairly well in the dark, hear small sounds. He can also detect people's feelings, if they are strong, by his sense of smell. Hyde is able to move very quietly and stealthily.

Personality: Mr. Hyde can be described as shrewd, eccentric, manipulative, rude, sarcastic, fearless and impulsive among other things. He has a great appetite of life in general; especially wines and women. Though he is as intelligent as Dr. Jekyll, his impulsivity and his anger often gets him into trouble. His whole being seems to be bursting with energy, which makes him restless and easily angered. Although, he seems to calm his rage around the chamber maid Mary Reilly.

From the moment Hyde came into being, he has been the more dominant of the two, and the strongest. Part of the reason that Hyde became so dominant is because Jekyll has been unable to articulate or act on his true feelings. After Dr. Jekyll ingested a newly created drug, this has changed, though. Jekyll and Hyde seems to have come closer to one another and recieved a small portion of the other man's characteristics. This is more noticeable in Dr. Jekyll than in Hyde, but Hyde seems to be slighty calmer than before. Jekyll and Hyde presently seems to live in some kind of truce.

Past: Dr. Jekyll has some sort of a malidity, he claims it to be a fracture in his soul, although when experimenting for a cure, this cure was found. But this cure was Mr. Hyde.

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