NAME: Christoph Collins

ALIAS NAME: Christian DeMarcs



SEX: Male


WEIGHT: 190lbs.

EYES: Pale Blue with a hint of sparkle to them.

HAIR: Long Raven Black Hair that is wavy and usually worn
down over his shoulders or tied back.

SKIN TONE: Very fair

FACIAL FEATURES: almond shaped eyes, arched trimmed eyebrows,
fine nose, thick lips that are rose tinted, straight white teeth, very handsome yet almost feminine.

ATTIRE: He is usually seen wearing a black Armani suit or basically anything black.

PERSONALITY: He is devilishly charming and seductive. He has a very short temper especially when he does not get what he wants. He can have a sometimes explosive and violent temper which has gotten him into trouble numerous times. He loves the luxury and beauty of life though he can not live entirely as a person.

HOBBIES: He is a fulltime womanizer. He is an alcoholic and a gambler. He loves the fine arts and music. He can play the piano and the violin. He is an excellent horseman and exceptionable shot with guns. He spends most of his time traveling the world and indulging into history and books.

ESTATE/WEALTH: He inherited a large sum of money over the years from different investments over time.

HISTORY/BACKGROUND: He is one of the original Collins' men that no one knows much about. A deep dark secret haunts him and very little people know of it due to the records during his time were "accidentally" destroyed during a fire at the local library. He was born in the Collin's estate in 1752 to Katherine and William Collins, the first residents of Collinwood Estate. When he was a boy, he was known as a trouble maker. When he was 18 years old, his parents mysteriously disappeared while about to go on holiday over in England. Their bodies were never found and they were later declared dead. He inherited his family's entire fortune and was schooled over in Vienna. When he was 24, he returned to Collinsport and fell in love with Mara Cambridge, a lovely enchanting lady. They soon became lovers which later gave her a child by him. While out of town on business, he received word that his lover was sentenced and then executed. In a blind rage, he returned home to find it all too painfully true. He swore on his soul that he would be revenged. He sent his child whom he loved so dear to other family relatives to stay. He found out from a source that the murderer of Mara still lived and was Reverand Trask. Late one night, he stole way to Rev. Trask's home and killed him by decapitating. Then he stole Mara's body from her resting place, hoping to ressurect her body. Discovering that her body was missing, the townspeople created a hanging mob for Christoph. While preforming a spell to become powerful, he accidentally cursed himself and his family. That he was to be cursed to live forever and that his family to always have an evil to haunt them. Christoph's cursed soul cannot be appeased till the family curse was broken. He then tried to ressurect Mara but was interrupted by the hanging mob. He was dragged outside against his will and hung out on the huge Oak tree in front of Collinwood. They locked him in his family vault and several days later found his body missing. This incident was one of the first secrets to bestow the Collins family.

OTHER HISTORY: Christoph is a cursed soul and he will remain this way til the curse of Collinswood is broken. After the incident of Collinsport, Christoph was seen last residing in London, England. His parents were from there and he currently resides in an abadoned estate in town. He is a cursed immortal due to a backfire in a spell.

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