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The year is 1885, the place is England.

In the house of Dr. Henry Jekyll there lives a chamber maid, named Mary Reilly

Mary Reilly will soon undercover a terrifying secret about her employer, and soon meet the eccentric Mr. Hyde.

Within these walls you will hear many whispering voices, some that may not be to your liking. For in the house called Collinsport Manor, there lives a man named Barnabas Collins. Not really a man, but more of a dark angel. The two houses will come together to bring us a gruesome and terrifying tale.

Venture on. . .if you dare. And remember, you were warned!

Welcome to the Official Mary Reilly roleplay mailing list, based on the popular film, 'Mary Reilly', starring Julia Roberts and John Malkovich. That was based on the novel Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, through the eyes of servant Mary Reilly, and love interest to both Jekyll and Hyde.

Also, this rpg is also a crossover with the tv series Dark Shadows. Read on for further details.


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