Abigail Rose Price

Name: Abigail Rose Price

Appearance: Abigail is 5'4", 110 lbs, has expressive hazel eyes,long brown hair, olive skin, and slender red lips. She dresses appropriately for a woman of her class, but is not excessively fashionable.

Personality: Good-natured, caregiver, is very cautious andaware of her surroundings, intelligent, serious, somewhat withdrawn, faithful, religious, and kind to the oppressed and poor.

Past: Abigail is the oldest child of three and comes from a wealthy family. Her father was a brilliant doctor, and her mother a kind, loving woman. In her adolescence her father died of a mysterious disease that was unidentified and untreatable. After his death, she cared for her grief stricken mother until her death, and raised her younger siblings Marcus and Edmund, Edmund (the oldest son), being left the family fortune allowing his sister to run affairs under his name. She now studies medicine at the London school of medicine for women. She is fixated with saving people with obscure ailments, and being as good of a doctor as her father. She is also secretly searching for the answers to her fathers unsolved illness.

Skills: Studied in medicine, and willing to research the abnormal diseases of the time. She is patient and hard working. An accomplished musician on the piano and sings for leisure, her mother taught her as a child.

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