Quentin Collins

Name: Quentin Collins

Appearance: Shining black hair and large blue eyes; tall, with a noble stature; dark from the sun upon many ships, and his hands are tanned and leathery

Skills: For many years, Quentin was a sea captain, and as well as becoming greatly skilled in the handling of ships, he has developed talent as a leader, his confidence well-established as for many months at a time, he commanded great numbers of men at sea.

Personality: Quentin is remarkably engaging, charismatic, and charming; his confidence is high in everything, and he trusts others as he trusts himself. His deeply fervent nature burns in extremes, and his passions of love and hatred run fiercely and sincerely.

Past: Quentin is a descendant of the 1840 marriage of Quentin Collins and Daphne Harridge, and he greatly resembles his namesake in appearance as well as character, as daring and confident as a man who would take his would-be murderess for a bride. Like his ancestor, Quentin is a sea captain, and has spent most of his life on the ocean, taking much of the sea’s tempest and power into his own character, and not leaving the water without a little of the sailor’s roughness.

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