Dr. Kael Shaw

Name: Dr. Kael Shaw

Handsome and distinguished with long dark hair usually worn tied back and green eyes. Many are enticed by his appearance for he has a very mysterious and charismatic appearance.

Position: Doctor of Medicine as well as Science. Vampire Hunter.

Personality: Scarcastic, humorous, but sometimes blunt that he may come across as being rude to some. Intelligent and not afraid to express his opinions, no matter how eccentric they may seem. Some also think of him as being eccentric for his theories are none people have heard before.

Past History: Kael was born in Scotland. He learned the lore of the vampires and ancient magic and became inticed in the idea. He became a doctor of medicine and science. He travelled to many foreign countries such as Translyvannia. His wife Gabrielle's life was taken by a vampire, and to save her from becoming one he used his own hand to save her by slashing her through the heart. With her blood stained on his hands he vowed he would put an end to all vampires or demons. He became a vampire hunter and travelling the world to anyone who is in need of his help. It is also said that when he travelled in Transylvannia he learned the ways of the ancient long forgotten magic and necromancy, thus using it to aid him in destroying any vampyre. Kael wandered into Collinsport without anyone knowing who he was or where he had come from. He remains a mystery but a powerful leader in hunting the vampires...

Skills: He pratices medicine and teaches lectures to students, but his reputation as being an eccentric demon hunter has grown through the populace, that some forbide him to teach his theories or discuss the ancient vampyre lore.

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