Cordelia Fairbanks

Name: Cordelia Fairbanks

Appearance: Cordelia Fairbanks stands about 5'5" tall, Sunny blonde hair, Slender form, porcelain skin, delicate features, and blue eyes.

Skills: Well studied in an array of subjects such as History, Science, Theology, Philosophy, and Geography.

Personality: Engaging, Dynamic, and well educated she is mostly found in intellectual circles. She loves a challenge and is intrigued by the mysterious and unordinary. She is well mannered, but often does not care to be overly "formal," she is straight forward and frank at times which causes her much scrutiny from her peers.

Past: Cordelia was born into a wealthy family. Her parents traveled a great deal, and she lived the first ten years of her life in India. Her upbringing was somewhat "unconventional" which leads her to contradict and challenge the rules of English society. Cordelia is romantically interested in Dr. Jekyll having met him before he stumbled upon Mr. Hyde.

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