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Seventh Gym to Eighth Gym

Seventh Gym to Eighth Gym

When you leave the Seventh Gym, you need to go east. Bring a pokemon with strength. If you remembered before, there was a man asking you for 300 yen and he wouldn't let you go through. Now, he is gone. Go east from the north of the pokemon center. You will see that special tree and some trainers. There are also some ponds where you could go fishing. Fight all the trainers and kept on heading east. You will see a cave. It is the ice cave.

The ground of this ice cave works just like the one you faced in the seventh gym and I doubt you will like it. You are faced with an ice ground will around 10 rocks. This way to get out of there: 1, place yourself north of the top rock on the right hand side. 2, Slide all the way left. You should be on the higher rock of the two. 3, Go Down, right and down. 4, then go one step right and move up. Finally, slide right all the way to the ground.

You will see another ice ground with 4 rocks. On the other side of these ice, there is HM07. Remember to get it! The maze is not really hard so I dont have to explain how to get to the ball. After you got HM07, go to ladder leading you down. Go down and you will see boulders. Push one boulder down each one of the black holes. Then fall into any of the holes. You are on an ice rink! You will see a pokeball and another ladder. That is your destination. Start from the far top right boulder. Go down, left and up and then right. You will get to the ground with the pokeball and the ladder.

Go down the ladder. There is nothing much to do at this level of the cave. Just get the pokeball lying there and go up the ladder on the other side. Here is another ice rink. Get the pokeball and then go up the ladder. Another easy ice puzzle. Get yourself through the ice to the ground then go up the ladder. This is the exit level of the cave. Go out of the cave and talk to the girl. This is the last city. You will see that the gym is blocked.

NOW! Do you remember the third town where you weren't allowed to go to many of the closed places? Go to that town! Go to the tall metal building and fight all the rockets all the way to the top of the building. Fight the boss in the garbage wear clothing and he will give you a key. Now, go to one of the houses with only a staircase leading to the basement. Go to the path on the right side and use the key to open the door.

Right when you are about to fight the first rocket, you have to confront your rival. Her pokemon are around level 30 so if you have trained well, it shouldn't be hard. Defeat her and fight the rockets. You will also face some burglars. Do you see the blue switches on the wall? Push those to open the doors to the end. There is a female TR at the end. Once you get there, push the blue switch to open the doors. Go inside and fight all the rockets until you get to the basement of the Shop. Talk to one of the guys with the boxes and they will give you a ID card to go back to the tower. It is used to open the door that didn't let you in. It's on the 3rd or 4th floor I think. Now go and fight the rocket's boss. He will leave and then the Eighth Gym is now unblocked!

The Eighth Gym is another boulder puzzle. Solve it and defeat the gym trainer. She likes to use dragons. But after you fight her, she does not give you the badge. You have to surf north of the gym to where an old man had once blocked. You have to destroy the whirlpool with the HM06 technique. Surf to the east and get the pokeball. Now, go back to the gym. She will now give you the Dragon Badge! Along with a TM24, Dragon Blizzard.

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