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March 23, 2000

NW Pokémaster

10,000th Hit:I just got my 10,000th hit on! YAY!!! OK, I have to do something for this, umm, how about a Scyher pic I drew? OK, well here is the link to it: Scyther pic
March 11, 2000

NW Pokémaster

I am back on:Sorry for not updating in a week ^_^, but here is some news: Pokémon Stadium came out on March 8th, 2000, I know its a bit late for that, but I had to fit it in, because I had finals in school all this week and it was hectic to get on the computer with studying and all. Well it's the weekend, and I will try to update my site and get as much news as possible, well that is all for today.
March 1, 2000

NW Pokémaster

Card Pics:Hello everyone! I am getting pics for all of the cards! ^_^! That is all.
February 26, 2000

NW Pokémaster

New Affiliates:I got new affiliates everyone! They are at the top of the main page, and I was the site of the day over at, so go check out their site for a bit.
February 18, 2000

NW Pokémaster

No Updates:I am leaving town for the weekend, sorry, no updates.
February 15, 2000

NW Pokémaster

Completed Layout:Sorry everyone for not having an update for a while, but I did get my whole site done with the new layout,^_^, and not every section is completed by the way.
February 03, 2000

NW Pokémaster

Pokémon Stadium: Yes, The Pokémon Stadium bundle pack is finally coming out on March 27, 2000, which contains: N64, Pokémon Stadium Game Pak, Gray Controller, Atomic Purple Controller, N64 Transfer Pak, AC Adapter, AV Cable, Battle Guide, Pokémon Poster, and a TCG card! Wow! All for $149.95(Retail Price).
February 01, 2000

NW Pokémaster

New sections added: I added some new sections, just see for yourself on the side frame.
January 30, 2000

NW Pokémaster

New Layout: Hello everyone, how do you like my new layout? Nice huh? Well that is all that is a update for today. Now, go watch the Superbowl!^_^!

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