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The Pokémon League to the End of the Game!

The Pokémon League to the End of the Game!

You've made it this far, are you going to make it to the end? Once you finish with the pokemon leaguea and have let the credits roll, like in this pic(Its actually much longer though):

You will have arrived right in front of your house, you probably got a call from Professor Utsugi already. Talk to him and he will give you a boat ticket.

Go to the city with the steel and electric pokemon which is really where you got your 6th badge. Go to the building on the south part of town. The building has only a staircase. Keep on moving up the staircases until you get to deck. Now enter the boat. Your room is the only place on the boat where you could heal.

Check all the rooms and fight some trainers. Talk to a gentleman in one of them and he will say that his daughter is missing. Go up the stairs and the sailor won't let you through. Now go back to the room that is right from your own and fight him. Now you can go up the stairs and no one will block you. Defeat all the passengers on the floor and go up the stairs. Talk to the little girl that is beside the captain and she will go back to her cabin. You can get off the boat now. You will arrive in Vermillion City!

You will see a snorlax and a gym. Go to the gym and beat Lt.Surge. He will increase the speed of your pokemon. Go south of Vermillion City into Saffron. Go into the fighting gym and pick up the pokeball. Next to that gym, it is sabrina. You may have noticed that many trainers are gone which were in the red/blue/yellow version. Defeat Sabrina and head west.

You know the way. It is Erika's gym. Go and fight her. Go west onto the cycling trail and down to Fushia City. There is no safari zone. The leader of the gym is actually a girl, not Koga. Her name is Anju. She will give you the pink badge if you win. After defeating her, don't think you could go and fight blaine since you are trapped by rocks. Go back to Saffron and go east. You will be trainers. Fight them and you will get to the radiostation. Talk to all the men and then leave.

Go through the Rock tunnel and you will reach a pokemon center. Go west and surf south to where the powerplant used to be. It is now a powerstation. Talk to the guy in the generator room and then leave. Go back to Cerulean and into the gym. You will bump into a Rocket. He then leaves. Go north of Cerulean where the nugget bridge used to be and you will find the rocket in the middle. Fight and beat him. He will tell you he has hidden something in the gym. It is the item that the power station is missing. The item is nearly in the middle of the gym. It could be found on the left space above the small square of water.

Go back to the powerstation and give the item to the man in the generator room. He will give you a TM. Now go to the radio station in lavender town to get a Radio Upgrade.

You can now wake up the snorlax. Go to Vermillion City and play your radio at the last tuneable station. It is just plain music. Now the Snorlax will wake and attack. It is Level 50. Try to catch it. Go throught the diglett's cave and cut down the tree before Pewter City.

Defeat Brock and head south to pallet. You will find that Viridian is empty. Did you forget Blaine? Surf south of Pallet Town till you get to an island with a pokemon center. Now go east until you get to another island. This is the formly Seafoam Islands. Inside the cave, you will see Blaine. Go and defeat him.

Now you have 15 badges. Go to Viridian now. The gym is no longer empty. There is a building where you can get unlimited matches. This only applies to if you leave the building and re-enter again. This guy is your main character's clone(exact double, I don't think its his clone, but looks exactly like him.)! He has all three of the final evolutions of the starters, which are:#154, #157, and #160. He will give you some experience.

Go into the Viridian Gym. There are no trainers. The leader is Gary! His pokemon are: #018 - Pidgeot, #112 - Rhydon, #103 - Exxeggutor, #065 - Alakazam, #130 - Gyarados, #059 - Arcanine .Once you have gotten all 16 badges, don't think it's over.

Go west of Viridian City to Indigo Plateau. The guys standing on the path cross-wise across that guard station will let be gone now so continue. You will walk through some grassland. If the pokemon are level 40 or greater, you are in the right place. This is also a good area to build up levels. There is also a pokemon center there.

You will also see a cave. Go into the cave and work your way through. It's not very difficult. You will find someone at the end. It is Ash! He has the strongest pokemon in the entire game! He has: #025 - Pikachu(Lv.81), #196 - Efi(Lv.73), #003 - Venusaur(Lv. ??), and three more, I am fighting him right now and he is really hard! If you beat him, you beat the whole game.

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