Welcome to the New L.H. Site!!!
(Formally known as the "Should-be-the-Official Lauryn Hill Page")

We at LH have come to a new understanding just as Lauryn Hill has done.
We hope to represent her as best as possible here, but we also feel this site is a part of us as well. So, there are some changes to this site. First, noticing the menu at left, you will see many of the old categories have been removed.

The Past is a brief summation of Lauryn's career prior to MTV Unplugged.

We do not support gossip about Lauryn Hill. Her private life is none of our business, so we will post no news on her, her children, her personal life, NOTHING. Upcoming music-related news will be in "The Present."

Our Photo Gallery is gone.  We will not document her visual growth or perpetuate the concept that in one's beauty, therein lies one's worth. Plus, we're lazy.

The Lyrics is a collection of Lauryn's written work, with more continuously being added. For those who emailed us about this, thank you.

The Others is a page dedicated to other artists we appreciate and support. This month's artist is Alicia Keys.

Big Up to Aaliyah D. Haughton, and Lisa Lopes.

***You were both loved, and missed.***

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