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Raven's Domain

Beware all thee who deem thyselves worthy to gaze upon my works, only thy chosen few will grasp their meanings

Enter if thou seeketh my Knowledge

Leave if you are here simply to use these treasures and not appreciate them

What you will find in my home

Any comments are welcome. Be sure to put that you are e-mailing about my page as the subject.Any requests will be welcome also, just e-mail my somthing that you would like to see me write about. My thanks to you for visiting my humble page. If you wish to contact me, my AOL screenname is The One Majere, my mail is, or you may ICQ me at #97064301, a service I rarely use. Please, feel free to tell anyone you wish about my site.

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the path: a work forever in progress
my written soul put here to be seen
other fiction and fantasy stories
my poetry, emotions on paper
a few inserts of my collection of this japanese artform
friends works that they are kind anough to share
The Acclaimed and Revered Viitord Lounge

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If you decide to use anything here, give me credit

P.S. just want to say hello to all my friends from SHY, they know who they are, and they know I will always remember those who aren't around anymore