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The subconscious communicates in a different language than the conscious mind. It has an internal, operational language that speaks only in pictures. These images are the fabric and substance of the subconscious mind. While we get to see parts of it when we're sleep, these pictures also come to us when we're awake. They come to us in flashes from the subconscious. They influence our decisions and guide our existence and we never see it coming.

Thoughts and feelings originate in the subconscious and automatically surface without effort on our part. As the subconsious is the blueprint for much of what we feel and think, it is usually unseen because it is so deeply embedded in our personality and who we are.

Perception, thought and understanding is filtered through the subconscious, so much of our existence is affected by the unseen forces of this inner mind. Fortunately though, we can now go deep inside and find the internal images resident within. Capturing images that normally only appear to conscious awareness for 1/10 of a second, we can now go to the roots of almost any problem and change it.