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Take More Control Of Life

Through The Full Use Of

Your Subconscious Mind

All feelings and thoughts originate in the subconscious. So do most forms of depression, anxiety, eating and compulsive disorders. Almost all phobias, obsessive thoughts, urges and unwanted behavior also begin in the unseen subconscious. Yet, they have one base thing in common:

Persistent Uncomfortable Feelings.

Persistent Uncomfortable Feelings strongly influence our thoughts, feelings, decisions and actions. They underlie compulsions, fuel addictions and give weight to depression. Going directly into the subconscious, we can eliminate these negative feelings, permanently, at their root.

Change occurring at the root means change at the surface, which means change at the outside. Inner subconscious healing leads to outward change, which means control.

Let me know what you would like to have happen and potentially change your life forever.

Dr. Richard H. Siegel, LMFT

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