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Thoughts and feelings come to us in the flash of a second. By slowing down the perception of time, we can see those pictures that come to us in the fraction of a second. That's helpful to gaining more control because we can now see the images that influence every waking moment. We can also use this Process to heal past trauma, abuse or neglect. Metaphor Therapy helps to locate the parts of self, and once found, reintegrate them back into the psyche. This recaptures qualities or characteristics once thought to be lost.

Hippocrates said,
``The natural forces within are the true healers of disease.''

These natural forces operate in the mind, as well. Fortunately, we can now retrieve lost parts of self as well as dissolve Persistent Uncomfotable Feelings. This generates a new sense of wholeness, restoration and strength. Inner healing leads to outward change. And that leads to more control, satisfaction and achievement.