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Welcome to the Sept of the

Arctic Moon

Welcome to the Sept of the Arctic Moon, in the area around the human's city called Fairbanks. Our sept is a cozy sept, albeit cold, but then again most of us don't need to worry about buying a coat for the winter. Believe it or not, there are still septs left with many lupus and it seems that even those born metis are accepted here (it doesn't hurt that the sept beta is one as well). This sept is constantly expanding, with constant garou that come and go just to say that they've been to the purelands. Also, as a friendly web spider has said, while the wyld is strong here, even those who perscribe to the weaver may enjoy the city, and especially the university with it's technologies and super computer. The land is a splendid site, and seems to be an ocean of changing colors as the seasons progress. Come and visit our sept, unless you don't feel you're hardy enough to be in a land full of spirits, life, energy, and the occasional formor or a land where the sun may shine all day, or none at all. After all, the true wilderness isn't for just anyone.

While you're here, try reading about the members of the sept and it's leaders, or browse our constantly expanding list of septs from around the world. We have (of course) the arts of our Galliards and of those that felt like treading, or at least attempting, to try some of their path right here. There is also (at request of a passing strider half-moon), the Litany.

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