If you think McDonald's is Fine Dining


You $pend Like Donald Trump Winning the Lottery

Links Geared to the cheap-ass' nature

Big Lots stores sell discounted merch
Fat Wallet (bargain shopping)
Slickdeals (bargain shopping)
Woot sells overstocked merchandise cheap

Buy yourself some generosity.

Links Geared to the person who can't get enough

Home Shopping
Jewelry - aka ice or bling
Aston Martin - say hello to one of James Bond's cars
Porsche - I would like one in red, please.
New York Stock Exchange - because banks are where "poor" people store money.

By the way, I'm single. And I loooove diamonds. : )

What the Hell... I don't belong here!
I'd rather go to heaven, thank you.

The corresponding circle in Dante's hell