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    Life in Monaco
On September 13, 1982, Princess Grace and her youngest daughter Stephanie were arguing over Stephanie's plans to move in with her boyfriend, Paul Belmondo, son of the famous actor Jean-Paul Belmondo.  Princess Grace excused their driver so that they could continue their conversation in private on their way to the palace.  On the same highway as the car chase scenes in To Catch A Thief, Grace lost control of her Range Rover. As they approached the fatal turn, instead of slowing down, the Range Rover appeared to accelerate suddenly and sped straight over the edge of a steep 45-foot cliff. After clipping off the tops of several trees, the Range Rover rolled over and came to a stop upside down in a ravine.
Grace Monaco
Princess Stephanie only suffered minor injuries compared to her mother, who suffered severe head trauma.  A CAT scan, many hours after the accident, showed that Princess Grace’s brain had been damaged in two different places.  One was caused by the trauma of the crash, and the second appeared to have been a stroke.   Unfortunatly it was impossible to know if the stroke caused the accident or if the accident caused the stroke. Princess Grace was put on life support, and her family had to make the heart breaking decision to turn off her life support machine.

Princess Grace died on September 14, 1982, after deteriorating into a coma for over twenty-four hours. Many believe that a simple seatbelt could have saved Princess Graces’s life.  Grace Kelly was a beautiful, young princess who was loved around the world and had a big heart. Her love for acting ended abruptly at the peak of her fame. Her career ended in 1956, when she married. It has been twenty-two years since her death and she will forever be missed and her films forever loved. The best way to describe Princess Grace’s dedication to her work is in the words of Mother Theresa, “a life not lived for others, is a life not worth living.” She may be gone, but her memory lives on forever.

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