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 Grace as
An Actress
    Life in Monaco
carygrantAfter graduation from high school in 1947, while attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, a prestigious acting school in New York, Grace moved to Manhattan and tried supporting herself as a model. She modeled for companies such as Old Gold cigarettes and the Bridgeport Brass Co. Two short years later Grace debuted on Broadway but was not pleased with her work in New York.  The growth of her modeling and stage work helped her to get appearances in New York, which helped put a foot in the door for offers from Hollywood.

bedShe moved to Southern California to break into a more prestigious part of acting: motion picture.  Often she was offered typical starlet roles, but held back.  For the 1951 film entitled Fourteen Hours, Grace was given a small role, but the role nonetheless sent her from unknown into a lead in High Noon, her next movie in 1953.

In her acting career, she came across as very shy and rumors say she had intimate romances with many of her co-workers. Some of these men included Clark Gable, Bing Crosby, Ray Milland, William Holden, Oleg Cassini, and Jean-Pierre Aumont.  Even though she came across as a shy person, this was not true on stage.  Jimmy Stewart, one of her co-workers, said, “If you’ve ever played a love scene with her, you’d know she’s not cold [. . .] besides, Grace has that twinkle and touch of larceny in her eye.”

graceThe movie, Mogambo, which Grace led opposite Clark Gable, led into a seven year signing with MGM Studios as well as an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her third movie role.

Grace received yet another Oscar, this time for Best Actress in The Country Girl with Bing Crosby.  Grace became one of Alfred Hitchcock’s favorite actresses.  Twenty-six years old now, Grace worked on her third Hitchcock project, To Catch A Thief.

Filmed in the French Riviera, To Catch
A Thief featured an exciting car chase through Monaco and was one of the biggest hits of the 1950s.  The film also changed the course of Grace’s life and career. One year after the release of To Catch A Thief, Grace completed The Swan, in which she starred as a woman who marries an older Prince.


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