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History of 103 & 105 North Main
History of
aterbury & Friends
Gifts & Goods

History of
103 & 105
North Main
Waterbury & Friends is located in two adjoining buildings.  They are located at 103 and 105 N. Main Street in Charles City, Iowa.  The buildings are very rich in history.  Each half of the existing building was built as separate buildings.  The 105 portion was the first building build on the north side of the One Hundred block of Main Street. John Legal built it in 1892 as a drug store.  You can see the drug store symbol in the cornice of the upstairs windows.  It was a rather plain but functional building.  The original tin ceiling is still in place.  The double doors that are used were removed from the upstairs apartments.  John Legal ended up moving his business to the 107 building next door.  This is where most locals know of the Legal Drugstore as it was a fixture in that location until the building was torn down in the 1980’s.  The original drugstore was kept intact and is now located at the Floyd County Museum.  The 103 portion of the building was built at the same time of the 101 building in 1896.  Originally the 101 building was a bank and the 103 building was a general store.  Because the 103 building was built with the bank, its tin ceiling matches the bank and is much fancier than that of the drug store.  Sometime in the 1940s it is believed that a hardware store purchased both 103 and 105 buildings and removed the interior wall separating them.  They added the arches and the mezzanine to the rear of the building.  If you look at the center of the building you will see two different types of wood were used for the flooring.  You will also notice that the tin ceilings are different.  The entire interior was renovated when Waterbury & Friends located here.  All of the plumbing, heating & cooling, and electrical utilities were updated.  All of this was done with an eye to preserving the history of the building.


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