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History of 103 & 105 North Main
History of
aterbury & Friends
Gifts & Goods

History of
Waterbury and Friends

Waterbury & Friends had its humble beginnings at C&J Crafts in 1990.  It started as a mother and daughter doing crafts as a hobby and selling them at local craft shows in gymnasiums, shopping malls and schools.  The daughter and current owner of Waterbury & Friends, Carla, became much more involved in the hobby and involved her husband, Terry.  The name changed to Waterbury Country Creations.  The name Waterbury was the housing development where Carla and Terry lived in the country.  The two of them spent the next several years building and selling crafts together.  The number of craft shows they attended.  After 3 years of operating a retail store, Carla had a desire to add a tea increased and it became “almost” a business.  During this period of time Carla and Terry’s family grew to three small children.  They called upon their parents to care for the kids while they spent weekends at craft shows.  Both sets of parents are engaged in farming and the most successful craft shows are during the heart of harvest in the fall.  It was becoming difficult for all of them to juggle the craft shows and farming activities.  Carla and Terry decided to “come off the craft show road” and open up a full time retail outlet in Charles City in 1994.  They located a small house on a main highway for their store.  They invited several of the crafters that they had become friends with to consign their crafts at the new retail store.  The name was changed to “Waterbury & Friends” to reflect the crafting friend’s contributions room to her offerings.  An in-depth research was conducted with adding on to the existing location and relocating.  A Main Street location was eventually decided and a major renovation was undertaken in 1997 at the current location at 103 N. Main Street.  Ashby’s Tea Room was added that year.  The Ashby’s name was derived from a combination of their two daughters, Ashley and Brittany.  They operated the tea room for 5 years.  During those years, Terry decided to also start a business and Main St. Soda Fountain was founded.  The soda fountain was operated for 3 years.  After the tearoom and soda fountain businesses, a made from scratch bakery occupied the building.

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