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            Many people think that the past is PAST and since it is so, it means that it is no longer important because it doesn't exist anymore. However, things never look like that. The past has a great impact on our present and on our future as well. This means that it forever exists in our life no matter how hard we try to ignore it. We cannot get rid of it; it is part of the construction of our personality.

            Nothing new has been said so far! Everybody knows that. The problem here is that fewer people only are aware of it. We have to always summon the past to guide us in our quest for a better life. French people often quote "He who doesn't know his past is doomed to repeat it". What we learn here is that life should always be recycled and reviewed so as not to make the same mistakes every time.

            Someone would say that reviewing the past constantly means living in it. Ok but the one who always review his past is just someone who goes back one step to move two steps forward, but surely. People from the past are engineers of our present. How did they do that? If the crazy war makers had time to just glance at the past, the Second World War would have never taken place. This is another concept of recycling time in nations' lives. Many other factors can interfere to make our reading of the past just a waste of time. Was WAR a real big business? Yes, for those who mean to make war have read the past but in their own way? Here is another raised problem. Recycling the past is far more complicated than we imagine. Only peaceful people say war was a machine which had massacred a pretty great number of innocent people. In the past big wars valour was a good quality, now it is cowardice. Yet, those dealers in poor people's souls say wars are big businesses that only hard hearted can create and assume the outcome because killing unarmed children and old people was not a quality for past warriors and honourable knights.

            Why do we make wars? It is clear that no cute answer will be afforded for the viewpoints are totally incompatible. Some say that in order to establish PEACE war must take place. People from the past perpetually repeat that war was and still is a big industry only to make money dealing in the souls of poor creatures. Do only weak people request real peace? The answer might be positive because they aren't able to defend themselves or even protect themselves from the madness of those butchers who enjoy massacring poor people...