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~ W A R ~

By: A wise kid
            Many people believe that our world is already so corrupt that it becomes too late to save it. This sort of belief is corrupt itself. We tiny tots can suggest the best solutions to pull the world out of danger or decay; but you grown-ups should be able to work on it seriously and don't just say, "tosh!" .What we will suggest, however, is not too much demanding. We won't ask you to "imagine" like John Lennon for fear you would think we are "dreamers". There are three major factors that deteriorate our planet: War, Pollution, and Poverty. Each of these includes a multitude of other related factors such as diseases, analphabetism and so on. What you, grown-ups, have to do is to hold the shovel by the handle and do the right deed for the right reason.

            To begin with, Wars must be looked over seriously. What do we make WARS for? There's no evidence, so far, that wars have ever solved a problem. On the contrary, they have burdened the world with lots of victims (most of them civilians): Orphans, disabled, homeless, refugees as well as swollen corpses, epidemics, and barren soils. Shall we add more..?? At least wars in the past were honorable and almost an art. Warriors used to fight like men, a sword or an arrow to kill or to be killed. They never killed Children, women and old people. They believed that it was a shame to fight unarmed people. What about wars nowadays? They become rascal acts of cowardice, so they become devastating and everything is permitted, rockets, bombers, cluster bombs, nuclear weapons, atomic bombs and so on.

            The absurdity of war stems from the foolishness of its nature and its veterans. Sometimes, grown-ups just make war for fun. It is when they fight a weak country or nation just to try our new smart weapons. They exterminate them though or because they know the others have no power of repost and then they hilariously celebrate a stolen fake victory. It's awful as it is pure nonsense!!!! Helen Highwater styles it this way, "A war where one nation cannot conceivably win and the other nation cannot conceivably lose is not a "war." Calling it a "war" is an insult to anyone who ever fought in any real war."

            Grown-ups are thus childish in their wars; the modern technologically assisted destructive weapons are their toys. When a war breaks out, it is just a video game which started; that's what it is. They kill for fun. Moreover, they shamelessly pride themselves upon the skill of killing innocent people (children included); and broadcast those horrible images on their TV Channels, as breaking news, LIVE. It is in no way an act of valor or bravery to drop thousands of tones of bombs and explosives on poor villages from 5000 meters height. Only cowards do so, don't they?

            As you may notice, we did not say we should stop or ban wars. That's mere idealism. We're aware of the fact that wars are a sort of raison d'être for everybody: To defend oneself for instance. Still the war in its contemporary copy is a crass idiocy-stemmed travesty. It has nothing to do with real wars' bravery. In modern wars, we can't talk about noble knights.. Machines are used to massacre innocent people instead. IT is unfair, unjust and even irrational to kill people for personal amusement, pride, or profit. It is eventually a sort of racial cleansing and this is the extreme degree of intolerance and hatred. Wise people deprecate escalating such feelings of egotism and immorality amongst mankind. It will surely end up in disasters and the debauching of the minorities' attitudes towards the world around them. Thus, the roots of terrorism will go on sinking deeper in our societies' soils.. Therefore the world will start the counting down, the declination and the drift towards the hole of chaos. Even the most sophisticated weapons cannot defeat terrorism because terrorists are just ghosts that walk around and no one can spot them.. "Depression" is the laboratory where these sorts of ghosts are made. In a word, Poulengey in Bernard Shaw's play Saint Joan sums it up this way,

"We want a few mad people now. See where the sane ones have landed us".

            As for Poverty and Pollution, that's another story of social and environmental tragedies which predict apocalyptic days the world is about to endure. One day perhaps we'll come back to tackle them in details. They are wars as well, aren't they?

You actually know me well, but you only think you don't