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            Failure has never been an objective in itself, though it sometimes imposes itself on people at the end of a project. It has never been welcome. It is subject to reject, refute, unfriendliness. In a word it is a pest. What do you think, however of a person who works hard to be a "successful" failure? Nonsense! It is not easy to long for failure unless you know quite well what it is all about. Logically, it is awkward and strange that a person has failure for an aim in life.

            I admit that it is hard to accept the fact that some people be fond of failure and boast they are so. Nevertheless, it will later be understood when things get clearer. How many of us have failed in a project. I think almost everybody has tasted failure at least once. They don't like it or seek for it, yet it is there in front of them laughing at them hysterically. I experienced failure myself more than I experienced success. So are most of you. It sometimes leads people to craziness and perhaps suicide. If we all of us behaved as such whenever we are faced with failure, nobody would have been alive up to now. The remedy after all is to long for it, to work hard for it and it will avoid you. Failure doesn't like to meet those who want it. It escapes them and never approaches them. So In the prologue of your project just write "Wanted a team of failure(s)". Be sure that with little hard work your project will be a success because failure is lazy and never is interested but in lazy people.

            I hope I'm quite clear on this point. If not, When failure is targeted, it prefers to hide and quit the ring... To you then the glory of success! Never show failure your true emotions notably hatred. It will surely love you and will never leave you alone. The poor failure is fond of those who hate it. Failure is not that stupid to keep hardworking people company. It will, thus, teach them the art of being successful. Failure never wants to share anything with anybody or to teach anybody anything. Success for example comes after many failing attempts. It means that failure teaches people how to get to get to success more confidently. Those who want success without failure are but dreamers. Failure is important in our life. It makes success, when reached, more delicious. In other words, it is the taste of failure which makes the difference. Success is always sweetest after repetitive deceptions and failures.

            The art of being a failure is not everybody's cup of tea albeit it is a far reached goal by those who think that life is upside down. Whenever you work for success you meet failure; so one has to work for failure to meet success and as everyone believes, Mathematics seldom FAILS. Let's love failure dearly and work for success. Love? What a big word! It's a little exaggerating, isn't it?! Let's but accept it when it manifests and let's not make the very error failure expects from us namely to let everything down. Failure, thus will be victorious. However, failure is to be accepted as a matter of fact. It is to be seen in terms of a stimulus to perseverance not a discouraging element in our progress in life. Failure is not an easy wrangler. We have to be well-armed to fight it away so as to get to success safely. Therefore, we have to be used to trying again and again and ... again.

~ Walt Disney ~

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