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The Most Famous Lesson

            A man accompanied his son to the fields, being a quiet place to teach him the rules of life. When they got there, they sat in the shade of a big large tree. The father began to give him lessons about how to rely on oneself to be a real man; and telling him wisely how one could succeed in life without cheating or harming the others. He was also teaching him the virtues on which the life of a good honest man is based; he was urging him to behave correctly by praising virtue and honesty...

            Meanwhile, the boy was there looking at the bottom of the flowry tree with fixed eyes. when the father finished advising him, he asked:
- How did you find my words son? They're interesting, aren't they?

             The boy glanced at him absent minded and said:
- Look dad! Fifty thousand, six hundred and twenty seven ants entered this hole!!!!