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The Herps of La Crosse

Living With Herps

Easy Herp Monitoring

Herps as Pets

General Herp Info

Suggested Reading and Bibliography


About Me and Contact Info

Reptiles of the La Crosse Area 
(and more)

Snakes (Serpentes)

Turtles (Chelonia)

Lizards (Lacertilia)

Red-Bellied Snake

Painted Turtle

Prairie Racerunner

Brown Snake

Common Map Turtle

Five-lined Skink

Eastern Garter Snake

False Map Turtle

Western Slender Glass Lizard

Northern Water Snake

Ouachita Map Turtle


Smooth Green Snake

Blanding's Turtle

Northern Prairie Skink (not in La Crosse Co.)

Eastern Hognose Snake

Spiny Softshell


Eastern Milk Snake

Common Snapping Turtle



Common Musk Turtle


Western Fox Snake

Wood Turtle


Black Rat Snake



Ornate Box Turtles 
(not in La Crosse Co.)


Timber Rattlesnake




Never kill a snake found near your home for any reason.  Many snakes are beneficial, eating rodents that damage crops and spread disease (such as Lyme's disease), still others our protected by law and harming them can result in stiff penalties!  All snakes, even venomous species, are harmless if left alone and helpless to defend themselves against humans.  To kill a snake is a sign of ignorance, fear, and cruelty.

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