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Frames or Text Now, all parts are up! If you want to see what I'm now working on, click the GFD link below. Be sure to check the MY Work link, too!

It's come to my attention that I need to make one issue clear: THIS STORY IS FINNISHED! THERE ARE NO MORE FIGHTS TO VOTE ON! You may go to my GFD link, and check various polls, if you like, or send ideas for polls to host.

Note: This site is best viewed by people with internet access!

Welcome to the UNOFFICIAL MKvSF saga!

All Mortal Kombat Characters are the property of Williams. All Street Fighter Characters are the property of Capcom.

I will provide the opening chapters, and then YOU decide who will win the matches and who you want to see next!

I'm sorry, but I don't really recall the order I wrote these minis, other than the first one was before round one began. I think they are each set before the next round starts. A * means that there may be some slightly strong content; you've been warened.

Sindel-Khan & Cammy-Bison
Liu Kang--Shang Tsung
MKvSF Cast
CHAPTER 1(Shotokan Reunion)
CHAPTER 2(Ninja Clan Clash)
CHAPTER 3(Assault On Shadowloo)
CHAPTER 4(Shaolin Meeting)
CHAPTER 5(SF Collection)
CHAPTER 6(MK Collection)
CHAPTER 7(It Has Begun!)
CHAPTER 8(Whatcha Gona Do?)
CHAPTER 9(Charlie, Guile, AND Shadow)
CHAPTER 10(Chameleon, Reptiles, AND Meat)
CHAPTER 11(Round 1, Fight!)
CHAPTER 12(Fast & Furious)
CHAPTER 13(Dark Champions)
CHAPTER 14(Don't Like It-TOUGH!)
CHAPTER 15(Annihilation!)
CHAPTER 16(Victory!)
CHAPTER 17(One End Is Near)
CHAPTER 18(Preliminary End)
CHAPTER 19(Alliance)
CHAPTER 20(New Hope)
CHAPTER 21(Where Are They?)
CHAPTER 22(Round 2!)
CHAPTER 23(Dark Clash!)
CHAPTER 24(Fighting Destiny!)
CHAPTER 25(Dark Revelation!)
CHAPTER 26(Secrets!)
CHAPTER 27(Crossroads!)
CHAPTER 28(Round 3!)
CHAPTER 29(Feel The Heat!)
CHAPTER 30(Another End!)
CHAPTER 31(Formations!)
CHAPTER 32(Revival!)
CHAPTER 33(Round 4!)
CHAPTER 34(Short And Simple!)
CHAPTER 36(Final Round!)
CHAPTER 37(Our Destiny!)