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  • The New South Wales Zoological Parks Board have released the details of the future plans for Taronga and Western Plains Zoo. One of the more contoversial details is the plan to reintroduce elephant rides at Taronga. Apparantly the rides were discontinued in 1976 because of the retirement of the keeper responsible for the walks.
    Other plans include
    1. the retirement of the two resident elephants to Western Plains and importation of four young ones.
    2. Swimming with the seals
    3. greater emphasis on habitats, allowing visiters immersion in natural habitats rich in biological diversity
    All up some $22 million will be spent on the upgrade.

  • Ping Ping, the five year old male Polar Bear at Sea World on the Gold Coast, underwent some major tooth surgery. Intensive root canal was needed on a canine tooth which he had chipped.

  • A baby otter boom has occured in the Australian Zoo world with both Adelaide and Taronga Zoos resident breeding pairs producing triplets. Though the six youngsters were all born in March, it is only now that we are able to view the lively balls of fun. The otters are Oriental Small Clawed Otters, an endangered species of the otter family. Adelaides trio , 2 males and a female, recently had microchips inserted into their skin, so that accurate records of the identical, at least to human eyes, triplets could be kept. Tarongas trio are also two male and a female.

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