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Underground Rock and Roller: Michael Laechel Set To Accept Major Record Contract

Michael Laechel in 2002

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(CNN) -- Michael Laechel is almost as well known for his rock and roll life style, as he is for his records.

Laechel created the "International Internet Rock Star," the endless brilliant stunt that took him from underground singer songwriter, to national well known Rock Star. At only 26 years old he has taken on quite a title. He started his dream back in Deerfield IL, with a guitar and an unstoppable need to become famous. After watching many videos as a child on MTV, Michael said, “I was going to do anything to catch the worlds attention,” and that he did. He started recording albums on old recording equipment he found digging around his parents basement. When he attended, Loyola Academy in Wilmette IL, a well-known college prep school, he seriously began writing music and started his music career. After collaborating with several musicians in the Chicago area, Laechel realized the power of his musicianship, and decided he would go on with a solo career.

It has been confirmed that Michael Laechel has recorded hundreds of recordings that are floating around the world. As Michael put it, “I enjoyed sharing my art with everyone. I was thrilled to share my talent with the world. I just kept asking friends and schoolmates to make recordings for free and pass them around. It’s not about the money for me. I just want as many people as possible to enjoy my music.”

His underground albums earned him enough money to start purchasing more elaborate recording equipment to create more powerful recordings. Laechel said, “I started recording on old tape players, and eventually moved to a four track recording machine. At the time it was an amazing upgrade that just blew me away.”

Near the end of high school in 1993, Michael decided to create his own record label that he called “Addiction Records”. Laechel said, “I wanted to have total control of how many records were created, the cover art, to the actual music.” This was a wonderful idea that has pushed his career to new levels. It was time to contact the world though the Internet and start selling records. Michael started “This was the best idea I ever came up with,” Michael said. He went on to say, “I decided to start calling myself the worlds first International Internet Rock Star. I think that began to click with the masses. I started a 24-7 web cam and radio station that played all my songs.” This brought Laechel a massive amount of attention that kept first time viewers coming back for more. Before he knew it, he had thousands of new fans buying his CD’s and sending fan mail.

But Laechel also could be a tyrant in the studio, working himself through countless takes and retakes, attempting to get the perfect take. He went on to mention, “The first time I heard myself on the radio was in Chicago on Q101.1. I was absolutely in shock, and all my hard work was starting to pay off.” He has since then been on the radio in Chicago, New York, and California. It is not easy for an unsigned musician to get radio play. It took Laechel hard work and dedication.

His college days were the best. He went on to say, “I attended Barat College of DePaul University and studied music, business and art. I met the best people from around the world that gave me so much support and love. I would hand out CD’s to the foreign exchange kids to get my music heard in other countries. I enjoyed partying night and day and trashing my dorm rooms.” Laechel graduated in 1999 with a B.A., and a Concentration in Music.

Many people call Laechel’s music style eccentric and mind melting. His many recordings show influences ranging from, rock, folk, jazz, alternative, punk, and pop. Some classics include, “Welcome to Planet What The Funk”, “The Grasshopper and the Ant”, and “Purple Man”. The list goes on and on. After 26 original albums, Laechel plans on recording 100 CD’s in total. He not only writes, records, and performs each song, but he also produces each of his albums.

His latest CD which was released in June of 2002, “The Colorful Conclusion”, is a rock opera that took the world by surprise. Laechel said, “This CD was very different for me due to the fact that I was trying something completely new. I was usually writing songs about my life and my surroundings, but this time I decided on something very new. I first wrote a story line about 2 struggling artists, and then created a rock opera/musical type piece designed around this incredible story. I filled the CD with amazing guitar pieces, and created a rock and roll work of art. Every CD I create, I attempt to out do myself each time.”

Laechel has been famously reclusive for years. Even before he retreated from the public eye his behavior could be erratic. He played many shows though the Chicago area in the 1990’s and tore up the stage every night. Now he is known to perform only Internet Concerts for free on his web site. Will he ever play to the public live again? Laechel said, “I do enjoy playing live very much in front of crowds. At this point in my life I am concentrating on writing and recording more albums. I am set to accept a major recording contract when the time is right. I want the perfect deal. I refuse to be a sucker and take just any offer that comes my way. After I accept the best offer, I will create the ultimate jam band and tour the world for life. But at the moment, I am taking things one step at a time.”

Laechel’s Influences

”I have so many favorite bands. I cannot just name one. Many musicians and bands throughout the years have influenced my recordings. I would like to name some bands and artists that have changed my life in no particular order: Da Da, Lit, Parliament, Nirvana, Blues Traveler, Soul Coughing, Tom Petty, Nine Inch Nails, Phish, Steven Tyler, The Grateful Dead, Smashing Pumpkins, Aerosmith, Guns ‘N Roses, The Cars, 3rd Eye Blind, The Breeders, Fountains of Wayne, Butter 08, Lenny Kravitz, Custom, Blink 182, Sum 41, U2, The Doors, Jimmy Hendrix, Metallica, Everclear, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Beatles, Joe Perry, Ween, Iron Maiden, The Doobie Brothers, Slash, Santana, Weezer, Pearl Jam, Jim Morrison, Run DMC, The Samples and James Brown. There are so many more, but I can only remember a select few at the moment."

Laechel hopes to be inducted someday into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Until then he says, “I’m not going anywhere. I have only just begun!”

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