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What's Ahead of Me?

1. What you need to leave behind, to release.
2. What you must confront.
3. What you need to know.
4. What you attain.

Bird Spread

1. How you are feeling at this moment and what is on your mind.
2. The factors influencing you and what is happening around you.
3.The direction you need to take in order to resolve any problems before you.
4. The outcome - what the present course of action is likely to lead to.
5. Unexpected influences coming into your life, which will have a bearing on the situation.
6. A clue to help you find your solution, from within yourself and from others around you.
7. The future outcome, the effect that following the present course of action is likely to have on your life.
8. Optional: overall view of the reading.

Birthday Spread

1. Past influences that are ending or passing out of your life.
2. Accomplishments of the past year to reflect on.
3.Issues, tasks, or goals carried forward from last year into the coming year.
4.Where you are right now.
5.New influences that will be coming into your life in the near future.
6.Challenges you may face in the coming year.
7.Goals that you can achieve in the coming year.
8. The overall focus or outlook for the coming year.
9. Your birthday gift: a blessing you will receive during the year.

Career Spread

1. Why did I choose this career?
2. Am I on the correct path?
3. What is the main obstacle facing me?
4. What is helping me?
5. How can I continue making progress?

Event Spread

1. What does this event have in store for me?
2.What do I need to watch out for?
3. What can I do about it?
4. Result.

Health Spread

1. What do I need to know about the cause of my health problem?
2. Advice for the short term.
3. Result for the short term.
4. Advice for the long term.
5. Result for the long term.

Job Spread

1. What is going on in your job right now.
2. What you need to focus on.
3. Hidden factors.
4. Advice.
5. Near future.

Past, Present, Future

1. This card says something about the past.
2. This card says something about the present.
3. This card says something about the future.

Quick Spread

1. Key factor: you Your attitudes, actions or needs in relation to 2.
2. Key factor: the other Person, group, idea, tendency - something you consider to be other than yourself.
3. What you need to know Guidance, commentary. Tells you what you need to know to make well-considered choices in the situation.

Half Moon Spread Spread

1. Present position
2. Present expectation
3. What is not expected
4. Immediate future
5. Long term future