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Ancient Romans believed wearing an agate in a ring would bring special favour from the gods. The stone eventually became a lucky charm for people who worked with soil. It is said to have the power to makes crops strive in barren land. In the far East its said to promote eloquence, and has the ability to bring forune in the form of an inheritance. Some people say it can lead you to burried treasure.

Said to have strong powers in the area of luck and love. This stone is difficult to find and often expensive.

Soothes all chakras, particularly the throat chakra and rejuvenates the heart center. It enhances communication about love and can be used in treatment of disorders of the nervous system. It can dissipate energy blockages which could propagate the improper flow of neural impulses.

Both Chinese ad Muslims burn amber incence to ward off evil spirits. It is believed to have medicinal qualitites, effective against everything (from deafness to tooth loss to indigestion).

Brings luck through self-discipline. Many cultures beleived it could prevent drunkenness because of its wine colour. The stone is said to have a calming effect, and can bring a kind of peace.

In Middle Ages it was said to prevent or cure toothaches and sore throats. Modern meaning is said to assure constancy among lovers and if given by a man to his wife on their wedding day, provides insurance for a happy marriage.

Could help increase mental power and sharpen your mind. This stone has strong luck associated with it and is indespensable to those seeking success in money, peace and health. Green Aventurine is said to enhance eyesight and perception, stimulate creativity, and increase intelligence.

This stone is known as the Decision Maker. It creates a protection shield against negative energy. Do not wear it just keep it your house, room or office as it clears and protects the room.

Considered a lucky charm for soldiers going into battle. Its main powers are courage, strength, wealth, power, legal success, business power and success. Some athletes use this stone to boost their physical strength and extend their life spans.

Love, peace, purification, energy, spirituality, attract and maintain a love relationship, healing, money, prosperity, extra energy boost.

Cat's Eye
Once believed effective in preventing all diseases of the chest and throat.

Frequently confused with Topaz, comes in may colours, each variety having its own name. Gives a person special occult powers, can dispel nightmares, also believed to give the gift of gab and cure stuttering and other speech impediments.

Excellent aid in pursuit of happiness and all around good luck stone. Mainly used for luck, happiness, companionship, healing, prosperity, creating good cheer, eradicating miserliness, stress, envy, selfishness. Also helps in acquisition of eloquence, successes in novel endevors, making new friends, warding off any type of negativity and unhappiness. It can help strengthen eyesight and make the blood more capable of resisting disease.

Ancient Romans believed it could keep witches and demons away. In later cultures it was considered perfect for warding off the evil eye. Egyptians cruched it and spead it over their fields to keep locusts away. A piece over the bed can prevent nightmares and anywhere in the house and protects against domestic arguements.

It is said the bigger the stone, the less luck it will bring. In fact, if its too big it may produce bad luck. Diamonds are a symbol of luck for those who will be married and can ward off the evil eye.

Considered an especially lucky stone for expectant mothers. Regarded as a special protector of eyesight, power to prevent memory loss and dizziness. Some say the stone can help uncover secrets and can give the gift of eloquence.

This stone ensures constancy and is often given as a gift between friends who are parted. Also sometimes used in engagement rings. In ancient Persia garnets were worn to avoid being struck by lightning and the Persians also beleived it could prevent fevers. As a gift, garnet will bring happiness but if one is stolen the theif will experience nothing but bad luck.

Can bring bad luck to people born under Sagittarius or Gemini. In many cultures its believed to be the best protection for women in childbirth. Believed to be the bringer of rain, can drive away evil spirits and wild beasts, cure dropsy, abolish thirst and relieve heart palpitations.

Stone of various luck bringing powers. Called the rain bringer by Native Americans. Worn to increase mental processes and subdue any unruly desires or wishes that may cause harm to the wearer, alleviate fevers, ward off poisons, prevents illness, heling, beautification, gracefulness, protection from drowning, concentration, and can bring your thoughts back to earth.

Lapis Lazuli
Protective stone with overwhelming powers for conferring good luck and good humour to the wearer. Basic powers include ability to encourage love, affection, dissipate depression, infusing the wearer with peaceful bliss. Creates a sense of peace and well-being as well as wisdom and sanctity, healing, loyalty, bravery and protection. Lapis Lazuli has strong connections to royalty, some of which date back to ancient Sumer.

Mysterious magnetic powers, regarded as a powerful aphrodisiac, has the power to attract pain into itself which makes it valuable in the treatment of every ailment, said to ease the pain of child birth.

A good luck stone. It's said that if you carry malachite and it breaks into two pieces that danger is approaching. It is said to promote adventure, willpower, sensuality, beauty, desire, friendship, determination, justice, and gets rid of shyness. Relieves mental and emotional blocks, helps with sexual and menstrual problems, relieves cramps and promotes cell growth. Excellent balancer on all levels.

Can bring parted lovers back together again, believed to have the power to cure some diseases, including kidney problems and protects travelers.

Power to inspire deep contemplation. Some believe onyx necklaces can cause nightmares and depression. Wearing this stone may lead to frequent arguements and if worn in court, can result in a lost law suit.

Believed to make the wearer a truthful person, convey the gift of foresight and prophesy but only for people with pure hearts. According to the Chinese, if the opals power is used for selfish purposes it will bring the worst kind of luck.

In ancient Egypt pearls were considered unlucky for married couples. In our day pearls are a special good luck charm for brides all over the world. Can cure madness and upset stomach.

Petrified Wood
Contributes to increaing longevity, aids in healing and protection, promotes appreciation of life, helps the individual evolve intellectually, protects against drowning, and averts negativity.

Strong connection to water, protection and healing, good luck, fortunate consequences, receptive energy, tranquility, cheerfulness, unfailing loyalty in long term relationships, helps conquer depression and can be used as a general mood enhancer, relieve headaches and other minor aches and pains, balance the bodies energy to prevent the onset of illness.

Can drive away evil thoughts, help you from losing your temper, prevail in an arguement and make you cheerful.

Believed to have supernatural powers in the Middle East. It is said to have the power to bring health and wealth, has the ability to repel spiders, protect virgins, turn away envy and attract the attention of the gods.

Snowflake Obsidian
Use for astral travel and clairaudience, absorbs negative energy and therefore is used to cleanse before crystal healing.

Tiger's Eye
Used for protection, divination and inquiry into past or future lives.

In the Middle Ages some people believed the topaz cured the common cold. This stone is believed to have the ability to raise a persons body heat to promote sweating. Worn as a talisman to prevent greed, encourages success in business and attracts money. Given as a gift between friends its said to ensure the friendship will last forever.

Luck bringer, a symbol of friendship, can prevent nasty falls. Muslims believed that if the stone changed colour it was a sign of a womans unfaithfulness.

Guide to transformation, the Higher Self and healing of the soul.

Powers are somewhat mysterious because of the many different colour and is known by several different names. The main powers include security, physical beauty, love and affection, tranquility, healing, reduces depression, aids in attaining business goals, increase wealth and protection from injury and protection from theft.