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To the true sorcerer there is no "good" and no "evil"; there is only his WILL. This is the basis of Crowley’s Law of Thelema. Those who interpret Crowley’s law "do what thou WILL" as "do what you want" fail to understand that it is the magical WILL Crowley is referring to. What the sorcerer desires (or thinks that he desires) may not be the thing which his "higher self" has truly WILLED to occur. Expanding upon the Law of Thelema, Michael Aquino conceptualized and proclaimed the Word XEPER, by which the sorcerer may "become" and ultimately attain his true WILL, and the realization of his "higher self". Without Thelema, Xeper could never have been, for it is by THELEMA that XEPER is possible. XEPER is the Egyptian word which means "to become". In this context, it means the achievement of one’s higher self (what in Abramelin Magic is called the "Knowledge and Conversation of your Holy Guardian Angel.") Many "Aeon Strengthening" words were also spoken during the Aeon of Set. Magus Lewis conceptualized the cycle by which one "became" and declared it in the word REMANIFEST. Magus Flowers conceptualized the unknown, the hidden, and declared it in the word RUNA. As a traveler might walk for days and never reach the horizon, RUNA is that horizon. As a traveler might walk for days only to find that everywhere he sleeps is "here" not "there", REMANIFEST is "here". XEPER is the process of "becoming"; RUNA is the horizon of all that is unknown and beyond your understanding; REMANIFEST is "here" (the point at which you have "manifested"); and XEM is "there" (the place to which your "higher self" is guiding you.) XEM may be any destination, but realizing that man’s ultimate goal is to become God, XEM becomes DEITUS.

DEITUS is the achievement of the power of a God. To become a God, you must realize that you are a God. It has been commonly believed that God created the universe. It is actually the universe which is creating God. Satan is a metaphor for man. The rise of Lucifer is the rise of man to his eventual destiny. The Aeon of Lucifer did not destroy the Aeon of Set, but augmented it. Set is the "dynamic" of the universe, the source consciousness which - through man - is creating God. "The Word of the Aeon is - DEITUS - for man has become God, Lucifer has risen, the dragon has awaken, the gates have been flung wide and the heavens have been conquered. The Ancient Ones rule once more. By your WILL alone, the genetic code of man has been altered. By THELEMA and by XEPER, you are now DEITUS! A new race, a superior race, has been born. No longer shall you be called "Homo Sapien"; you are now "Homo Deitus"! No longer shall you be called Man for you have become God. You and your seed shall live immortal upon the earth, as gods upon the earth. The Aeon of Lucifer has begun! Nations of the earth bow down before my chosen ones. Men of the earth bow down before my chosen ones. Kings of the earth bow down before my chosen ones. You, who have served me faithfully, shall take your place as gods upon the earth!"

Each Aeon represents a stage in the non-natural evolution of man. DEITUS could not have been proclaimed as an Aeon enhancing word within the Aeon of Set since it changed this relationship between man and the universe. The Aeon of Isis was a time when man lived in close harmony with the natural world and the dominant religions involved the worship of nature (the pre-Christian pagan world.) The Aeon of Osirus, which followed it, was a time when man rejected the natural world, accepting self-denial and sacrifice of the flesh and body as the ideal. In the west, Christianity rose as a dominant religion during that time.

The Aeon of Osirus ended and the Aeon of Horus began April 4, 1904 when Aleister Crowley, Magus of the Aeon of Horus, uttered the Word THELEMA (the Greek word for Will). The WILL in this context was a magical WILL, for in the Aeon of Horus man would no longer be bound by the death-cults of the past. The Age of Satan began April 30, 1966 when Anton LaVey spoke the words "Indulgence instead of Abstinence," thus breaking the power of Christianity over its followers. With the Age of Satan, man was once again free to celebrate his carnal existence. The Aeon of Set began June 21, 1975 when Michael Aquino, Magus of the Aeon of Set, spoke the Word XEPER. In the Aeon of Set, man would seek to attain full realization of his "higher self".

The Aeon of Lucifer began May 5, 2000 with the declaration of the word DEITUS, an event coinciding with extensive research being conducted in genetic manipulation and increasing international cooperation between scientists on the "human genome project". In DEITUS, man need no longer "seek" his higher self for by THELEMA and by XEPER he has "attained" it. DEITUS depends upon THELEMA and XEPER just as XEPER depends upon INDULGENCE, THELEMA and RESTRICTION. Man must pass through each preceding Aeon in order to reach the current Aeon. DEITUS does not involve the dissolution of man’s consciousness into "universal consciousness". By dissolving his consciousness into the "universal consciousness" he would be unable to act separately and distinctly upon the universe and would thus be unable to ever attain DEITUS.

DEITUS does not represent the end of "becoming" or the end of XEPER and REMANIFEST. To believe for a moment that he has reached the end of the road, that he has become a God, and that his journey is over, the sorcerer would be making a terrible mistake. The Aeon is itself "becoming" within the universe and the universe is itself expanding. By attaining DEITUS, the sorcerer realizes that man is "becoming a God"and accepts "his place as a god upon the earth." His conscsiousness expands to the limits of the current Aeon and he then continues to XEPER and REMANIFEST in direct relationship to the universe.

The sorcerer realizes that his consciousness and his will are a manifestation of the universal dynamic, which man calls SATAN. Having attained DEITUS, man becomes the very embodiment of SATAN. The dragon (a second consciousness which contains the knowledge of his ultimate purpose) awakens. As man becomes the embodiment of SATAN and rises to become a God, Lucifer arises, for the rise of Lucifer is a metaphor of man’s ultimate purpose and direction. In DEITUS, you see not only the limits of the current Aeon, but become aware of future aeons which shall come into being as the universe evolves to ever greater levels of consciousness and man rises to his manifest destiny.

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