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Real Name: Suzie (last name still unknown)

Age: approximately 13 (confirmed by todd nauck)


Weight: not much, since she exists as a gas

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Super Powers: The Secret is able to change her gas form into any appearance. She can slip though the smallest cracks. What she can and can't do hasn't been discovered yet.

Special Abilities: Not applicable.

First Appearance: Young Justice: The Secret #1

When captured by Young Justice (Superboy, Robin and Impulse) Secret Had this explaination to give: "I've been a ward of the DEO for as Long as I can remember. I don't have any memories of anything else but being locked up in my airtight room and being observed. They hated my powers, and wanted them. As I got older, I realized that my room wasn't as airtight as they thought. Being Etheral, I soon found I could travel the facility undetected. That was when I found out I wasn't alone. Ther were dozens of us orphans. Subjects. Different people, kids mostly, being kept there, sad and scared, studied and tested. The tests were horrible...and sometimes they were...I saw sometimes...It was...They were...BAD! When the doctors found out what I'd seen, what I knew, they said that I knew too much. They decided to send me to the WABE. That's where subjects go and don't come back. Bad Things happen there." On here way to the WABE, Secret escaped into a nearby toen. after the townspeople were evacuated, Robin, Superboy, and Impulse where sent in to try and capture, once they did, Secret told them the truth about her past. After hearing this, the boys dcided to set her free, and sent back a container of smoke, instead of her. After her release, Secret spent a few moths exploring the world on her own, and eventually ended up back with Young Justice. She has been living the life of a superhero ever since, but recently, new developments have come up in the mystery of Secret's past.

Young Justice #6
In this issue, The Ghost of Despero comes back and to wreak havok on a local circus, but his is, for some strange reason, extremely afraid of Secret, he states that she is the abyss ans that is call to him through her. Later in the issue, she teleports Despero's ghost to a place unknown, this hints at a connection to the underworld.

Young Justice #7
In this issue, while the kids are playing Truth or Dare, Secret is asked a question about the first time she kissed a boy, she had this to say: "There was this young man at the DEO, a kind of lab assistant or something. One night he slipped inot my room, and tried to kiss me, I think... and then he looked inot my eyes and suddenly started screaming. He wouldn't stop. They had to take him away in an ambulance, I think."

Young Justice #11
In This issue, after Kathy Smith, Red Tornado's wife, fell inot a coma, Secret entered her body, saying that she is hovering over the abyss, and that she has been there to. This may imply that Secret is some form of ghost, and reinforces the belief that she has a connection with the underworld.

Young Justice #12 & #13
after entering Kathy's body, Secret had a conversation with her, trying to convince her to come out of her coma, because her husband and daughter (traya) needed her. Unfortunatly, this conversation was cut short when Kathy started having seizures, and a crash cart was brought in. Secret is deathly afraid of electricity, so she exited Kathy's body. After Kathy was revived, Secret snuck into a supply closet for a nap. She then had a very startling fram abouht her past, it seems she was murdered by her brother!