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WOW Oregon

WOW (Winners On Wheels) is a non-profit scouting type organization for kids who use wheelchairs. It is a International Organization, based out of Fresno, California. The Oregon Circle was Founded in 1991, and currently carries 21 Winners on the roster, with plenty of room for growth! We have been fortunate to have the community support us in providing a meeting place. The Winners work hard to earn Wheels (Badges) in various areas such as Basketball, Community Service, Art, Geography, etc. Everything is modified to meet the Winners ability level, but no one is ever awarded a Wheel simply because they are "disabled." The Mission is to Empower todays youth in wheelchairs to be all they can be, and to believe in who they are.


WOW has a tradition of physical activity and maximizing each individuals potential. Some of the Sports the Winners experience are Quad-Rigby, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Football, T-Ball, and more! Other activities include Road-Racing, team games, State Disability Sports Meets, Swimming, Snow-Skiing, etc. The Winners are given the opportunity to learn the basics of many sports, and persue their interests in other ways with family and friends. Once a child finds they in fact CAN participate, they are more than willing to nag Mom and Did to let them get more involved. (Photo: Joey practicing his Slam on the Low Rim)


For all kids, friends are special. With WOW the Winners have the opportunity to spend time with kids who experience some of the unique challenges, such as life sitting down, or not being able to participate in a school activity because it isn't accessable. They also get to share the things they like about being in a chair, such as Canine Companions. These dogs are specially trained to assist the person in the chair with things such as picking up items they drop, or turning off a light, or opening a door. These special pets offer more independance to the kids, and opens a whole new world! Everyone needs friends who can relate, even people who use wheelchairs. These kids have bonded together and support one another in all they do, be it facing surgery, or winning a Gold Medal at the State Disability Games... they work together and share their cheers and tears. They learn to work as a team and help one another get through life with a smile and confidence. The let one another be Winners, but most of all, friends.


No matter how old or young we are, everyone enjoys creating things. Like all kids, these Winners enjoy making things for Mom, Dad, each other, and themself! Everything from Peanutbutter play dough, to fingerpainting, to wheelchair-art, and more, these kids pour their talents into every task. Every project comes from the heart, and is fit for display in that special place. Each task completed is yet another success on the road to maturity and growth. The laughter that comes with the projects builds confidence and pride, as well and good memories.


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