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  We are all standing at the brink of bold new times in the study of metaphysical and occult matters. Breakthroughs are being made daily and, unlike other ages, today the sciences are confirming our findings. We explorers of the unseen, for the first time, stand side by side with artists, architects, futurists, physicists, biochemical engineers, astronomers and anthropologists. In recognition of this fact and to help forward our evolutionary motion Tree of Light: A Journal of Magick and Mysticism  was born.

  Tree of Light  conforms to the now well known formula, "the method of science,the aim of religion" with the addition of a third element – the vision of art. Beginning in antiquity with the development of the Hermetic arts and sciences we position ourselves on the cutting edge of that ancient current as it has grown and evolved over the centuries. For the first time we are literally bringing that edge, here-to-fore committed to a shadowy realm of mystery, into the light of public knowledge. Additionally, we do with all the respect and legitimacy owed to a group of people as committed to the growth of humanity, as with any other group exploring the unknown for the benefit of mankind.

  To this end we present a high quality, full color, substantial publication equal to any mass-market publication that can be found on the corner newsstand. We are putting behind us the days of cheap newsprint that falls apart after a few readings, barren pages filled with reprints and rehashing of old material, black and white printing that brings nothing to the esthetics of the person struggling to create the art of ritual and ceremony, or low-end efforts that produce an unstable vehicle with insubstantial funding whose next printing date is anyone's best guess. Welcome to the new aeon, welcome to Tree of Light .

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