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"OOooeee! I'm goood lookin'!!"
Cat, Red Dwarf, 1994
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26.01.03 IMPORTANT!! Roofdog HAS NOW MOVED to and This page will remain, but in a frozen state. Please mail for any other information. See you at the new Roofdog!
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Which Nirvana album is best?

If Roofdog's readers had their way, Radiohead's The Bends would be hailed as the best album of the 90's, and Robbie Williams would get a custard pie squished squarely in his face. So which album by Nirvana, arguably the most influential band of the 90's, is the best? Are you a Bleach-era purist? A Nevermind fan forever? Or does In Utero float your boat? Click on the right to cast your vote, and take part in our other polls too...

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Swell - Everybody wants to KnowUltimate Alternative Wavers: Swell and Sparklehorse

Between them, Swell and Sparklehorse hold the future of US lo-fi in their pretty l'il paws. But what are the latest releases from two of music's best kept secrets like? Check out the reviews here, along with efforts from Stephen Malkmus, My Vitrol, Amen, Offspring, Smog, Fungus and more...

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Sparklehorse - It's a Wonderful Life

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Tompaulin - My Life at the MoviesThis song isn't a-paulin...

Tompaulin are flavour of the month here at Roofdog; also check out reviews of new singles from Kournakova, Seafood, Proud Mary and more, all waiting for a rating or a slating. Fancy reviewing some singles for us? Then mail us on the address below...

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go to Hundred Reasons interview.... NEW! 98.. 99.. Hundred Reasons to read this interview..

Hundred Reasons (left) are about to release their debut album Ideas Above Our Station to an eager public, and they're gigging like it's going out of fashion. Roofdog caught up with them on the tourbus a few weeks ago; check out the interview here. And why not check out some of our other interviews whilst you're here? We'd be liars if we said they didn't rock...

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Simon Pegg (spaced) | Idlewild | Fungus | Broadcast | Bellatrix | Coldplay | Ben Folds Five

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