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On 17 April 2011 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked 5 indigenous Buddhist villages in Ramgarh and 2 indigenous villages in Manikchari in Chittagong Hill Tracts. In this attack around 200 indigenous houses including 2 Buddhist temples were torched. At least 20 indigenous people were injured and at least half dozen indigenous people were missing. An indigenous woman in front of her burnt house.

Bangladesh army terrorize indigenous people in Rangamati

Bangladesh army continue to search and patrol at Jibtali and Magban Union in Rangamati. Indigenous villagers in these areas are in a state of panic for the coronavirus in one hand and military persecution on the other.

On 18 April 2020 Chairman of Jibtali Union Sudatta Chakma (61), s/o late Jitendra Lal Karbari and Chairman of Mogban Union Bishwajit Chakma (58), s/o late Daya Mohan Chakma were ordered to appear at Iceland army camp it Kaptai, Rangamati district.

Accordingly, when they arrived at the camp, the army first inquired about the situation of the area. Then the army ordered them to bring following persons to the camp:

  1. Sunil Chakma (55), son of late Nalini Mohan Chakma, President of Jibtali Union Committee of PCJSS, Dhulyachari.
  2. Umesh Chandra Chakma (48), Dhulyachari, Jibtali Union.
  3. Sunil Chakma (44), s/o Dayaram Chakma, General Secretary of Mogban Union Committee of PCJSS, Gada Para.
  4. Sambu Chakma (57), s/o Bandaram Chakma, Organising Secretary of Mogban Union Committee, Nabhangra;
  5. Swapan Datta Chakma (62), s/o Sureshwar Chakma, Vice President of Mogban Union Committee of PCJSS, Joutha Khamar.

Bangladesh army has been repeatedly asking the enlisted persons to appear in the camp. The victims are presently in hiding, due to fear of being subjected to torture and to entangle with false cases.

It is to be noted that the army surrounded the house of Sambhu Chakma at 9am this morning. However, at that time, he was not at home. Unable to finding him, after interrogating villagers, the army went back to the camp.

At present the situation of Jibtali Union and Mogban Union is very critical. Meanwhile, the locals are passing days in panic of the coronavirus, while fear of torture in the army operation. In general, the common people are living tremendous insecurity.

On the other hand, on 19 April 2020, at 3 pm, a group of army of Naniachar army zone in Naniachar, Rangamati district surrounded the house of Anal Chakma, son of Shandia Chakma of Khulyangpara of Naniachar. It was reported that all the members of the family were tied up at that time. At one point, Anal Chakma tried to escape, but army could detain him.

In addition, in the horror of the coronavirus, on 20 April 2020, Bangladesh army and army-backed Reformist Group jointly patrolled the village of Balukhali, Mogban, Jhagrabil, A Block and B Block in Baghaichhari, Rangamati district. At that time, with the help of army coverage and direct support, the Reformist Group have reportedly seized all mobile phones from the indigenous villagers in the area. At present, extreme fear is prevailing in the area.


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