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On 21 December 2012 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers raped and killed Thomaching Marma (14 year) of Baradulu village under Kaukhali. On that day she went to bring back family's cows from nearby forest. The Muslim settlers raped and killed the Buddhist girl when they found her alone in the forest.

Bengali settlers attempt to rape of an indigenous Hindu woman in Panchari

On 20 July 2016, a Muslim settler attempted to rape a 20 years old indigenous Tripura woman at Biddya Mohan Para in Panchari, Khagrachari district.

Mohammad Rustom (35), son of Mohammad Golap of Mohammadpur in Panchari was caught in action. Mohammad Rustam tried to rape the woman when she went to fetch water from a nearby stream at 4 pm. He grabbed her but she struggled and shouted and somehow managed to escape from his grip. Rustom ran after her, but was caught by the villagers who were working in a paddy field nearby.

The next day Latiban Union Council chairman Kiron Tripura and one of its members Brojo Dutta Tripura hosted an arbitration meeting at Panchari bazaar area which was attended by Muslim setters and indigenous people as well as the parents of the victim. Mohammad Rustom was found guilty of attempting to rape the woman and was fined Taka 15 thousand to be paid to the victim.


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