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On 19-20 February 2010; Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked the indigenous people at Baghaichari leaving an indigenous man dead. The aim of the attack was to drive out the indigenous Chakma Buddhists and grab their land. The indigenous Buddhist man gunned down by the Bangladesh army.

Bangladesh army and Bengali settlers attack indigenous Buddhist people in Dighinala

On 23 April 2016, Bangladesh army and Muslim settlers attacked indigenous Buddhist people during Union Parishad election in Dighinala, Khagrachari district.

Muslim settlers occupied at least 3 polling centers in favor of ruling Awami League candidates, set fire on indigenous houses, vandalized and robbed indigenous houses and business. Muslim settlers beat the indigenous villagers at Kabakhali in Dighinala.

Centering on the dispute over ballot stuffing, at around 2:00 pm Muslim settlers attacked indigenous people and chased them at Hachinsonpur union.

As a group of Bangladesh army from Kabakhali cantonment arrived at Hachinsonpur polling center, Muslim settlers spread rumour to the effect that Jahangir, the Awami League chairman candidate was abducted by the indigenous people.

Hearing the rumour, Bangladesh army detained 5 indigenous Buddhist villagers and severely beat them after which they took the victims to the camp in serious condition. Before leaving the place, Bangladesh army personnel set fire in the house owned by Chikkomuni Chakma (35) son of Parimal Chakma.

The indigenous victims of Bangladesh army detention and torture were identified as:

  1. Joy Prakash Chakma (38) son of Jyotir Moy Chakma, Vill: Hachinsonpur
  2. Manik Ranjan Chakma (40) son of Trilochan Chakma, Vill: Shuknachari
  3. Swapon Chakma Boidya (25) son of Sanchay Chakma, Vill: Uttar Tarabonya
  4. Sujan Chakma(40) son of Jagadish Chakma, Vill: Kattalimura
  5. Dokya Chakma (30) son of Choudhury Chakma, Vill: Duluchari

Bangladesh army released the indigenous victims in the evening of 23 April 2016. Most detainees were treated at Kattolimura health center. Sujan Chakma was admitted in the Khgrachari hospital. Bangladesh army broke his knee.

Muslim settlers having captured the polling centers, casted fake votes through ballot stuffing. Muslim settlers put the motor bike of polling officer Shanti Moy Tripura in flames. While casting fake votes, Muslim settlers wounded the Presiding Officer Mukul Jyoti Chakma and Assistant Presiding Officer (Livestock Department) by severe beating.

Another group of Muslim settlers entered an indigenous village and vandalized 5 indigenous houses including TV and other valuables and robbed money. While returning, Muslim settlers also vandalized the house and belongings of Jyotish Kanti Chakma (60) son of Hridoy Basu Chakma.

The indigenous people whose houses and shops were vandalized and robbed by the Muslim settlers where identified as:

  1. Joy prakash Chakma (40) son of Jyotirmoy Chakma, Vill: Hachinsonpur. His house and all belongings were vandalized and robbed amounting to BDT 5,000.
  2. Joy Shashi Chakma (26) son of Jyotirmoy Chakma, Vill: Hachinsonpur. All his belongings including the house were vandalized and an amount of BDT 3,000 was robbed.
  3. Supon Chakma (32) son of Manindra Chakma, Vill: Hachinsonpur. All his belongings including his house and shop were vandalized and the cash box was robbed.
  4. Suresh Jyoti Chakma (50) son of Satyendra Lal Chakma, Vill: Hachinsonpur. All his belongings including his house and shop were vandalized and the cash box was robbed.
  5. Deba Jyoti Chakma (32) son of Chandra Kumar Chakma, Vill: Hachinsonpur. All his belongings including his house and shop were vandalized and the cash box was robbed and they set the heaves of straw in flames.



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